When it comes to sharing virtually anything in life, we must ensure that we pay special attention to the people around us, and think conscientiously about how our activities affect them. Whether it's sharing a home with a flatmate or sharing a workspace with a team, the fact remains: sharing space successfully requires the utmost awareness and consideration on everyone's part. If you're delving into the shared space atmosphere and working from a serviced office in Mayfair, consider these five helpful tips to improve your business etiquette.

Working From Our Mayfair Serviced Offices? Five Helpful Tips to Improve Your Business Etiquette

Be Conscious of the Volume of Your Voice

One of the most important - and potentially disturbing - aspects to keep in mind when sharing a serviced office with other business professionals is noise levels. Though it may come naturally to speak louder when you're having a phone conversation, always remain cognizant of how your noise levels affect others around you.

Keep Your Phone on Silent

Similarly, another noise disturbance can come in the form of constantly ringing, blinking, or buzzing cell phones. Though you may get by in a movie theatre or restaurant with your phone on vibrate, you should strongly consider keeping your phone on silent when there are others working around you.

Alert the Receptionist When You're in the Office

Whether there's a system in place or not, you may wish to alert the receptionist politely when you're in the office, particularly if you've opted for the office's phone answering or patching services. This way, inbound calls can be patched through to your workstation, and you can avoid creating any further noise disturbances from office pages.

Leave Your Personal Life at the Door

When you're sharing an office space with others, you should always keep in mind that the space is not solely yours to decorate. Though it's acceptable to have a small amount of personal memorabilia in the office, you should avoid bringing in too many personal items that may feel foreign to those you're sharing your office space with.

Arrive on Time for Scheduled Meetings

When you have a team meeting or client conference scheduled, and you've booked one of the conference rooms at your serviced office, be sure to do your best to arrive on time for the scheduled appointment. If the meeting is cancelled, ensure that you alert your office mates at your earliest convenience. This will help to avoid inconveniencing other people who may have booked the meeting room after you, and will give those in need of a meeting space the opportunity to fill in the time slot you no longer need.

At the end of the day, sharing isn't so bad after all, and can actually have plenty of beneficial aspects, too. Though you may have to take extra care to ensure your business etiquette is up to par, you'll also receive plenty of business, financial, and social benefits in return. If you're still in the process of considering a move to a serviced office, get a full list of our Mayfair Serviced Office locations by visiting us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/.