Entertaining clients from your serviced office could seem like a challenge, as you might not know what to expect in terms of how the office will be able to cater to the needs of your clients and your employees. However, keeping clients entertained and comfortable in a serviced office might actually be easier than doing so in another workplace environment, as your serviced office will likely be furnished with comfort and maximizing space in mind. Here are six tips on how to make the most of your serviced office when entertaining clients.

Entertaining Clients From Your London Serviced Offices: Six Tips to Ensure You Close the Deal

A Comfortable Yet Professional Meeting Room Is a Priority

Of course you will want amenities and less formal rooms that are more conducive to entertaining clients, but keeping your clients entertained shouldn't exclude professional touches. Be sure to move into a serviced office that features a comfortable meeting room that offers access to refreshments, is outfitted with comfortable furnishings, and is designed with both aesthetics and efficiency in mind.

The Relaxing Informal Meeting Room

Progressive or modern offices tend to be outfitted with relaxation or "chill out" rooms that are designed for the comfort and relaxation of both employees and clients alike. These rooms are ideal for more informal meetings, and will show your clients that your business is serious about work but also serious about keeping your clients and employees happy, which makes for a more productive workplace.

Coffee or Tea? Drink Amenities to Quench Your Client's Thirst

Coffee and other hot beverages are increasing in popularity, and as such it is a good idea to find a serviced office with a higher end coffee or espresso machine to satisfy your client's thirst during those long morning meetings, and to keep your employees going during the day. Having to leave the office or send out for drinks can interrupt a productive meeting or take away valuable face time with a client, so having beverage amenities on hand can go a long way.

Use the Neighbourhood to Your Advantage

Our serviced offices in London have the pleasure and benefit of being surrounded by some of the best food and drink in the city, so taking clients for a unique lunch or cocktail after the meeting is simple. Get to know the area surrounding your serviced office, find out the best food and drink locations, concert halls, meeting places, and outdoor spaces so that you have a number of options when it comes to meeting the entertainment expectations of your clients.

A Catered Office Is a Happy Office

When you're entertaining clients, sometimes you just can't afford to sacrifice valuable work time to leaving the office for lunch, and this is where having access to a strong catering service in your serviced office is a must. Having access to a quality catering service takes the worry and thinking out of feeding and refreshing your clients during long meetings or luncheons at the office.

Internet Access in Your Serviced Office Goes Without Saying, but What Could a TV Provide?

Many modern offices are equipped with televisions that can provide a few crucial moments of relaxation for employees or clients. If you need to stay informed about stock information, a television could also keep you and your clients apprised of what the business world is saying and doing that day. A television can keep you connected while you use your computers, smartphones, and other devices for business purposes. You can let the TV keep you informed on how your stock is doing, for instance, or get analysis about the latest merger.

We believe it’s important to have the necessary amenities available in a serviced office, so there's no need to leave the office to get business done. The farther you stray from your serviced office, the less purpose your office serves, so make it comfortable, efficient, and well stocked with entertaining and refreshing amenities, and your clients won't ever want to leave. For more information on our serviced offices, visit ServicedOfficesMayfair.com today.