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If your business has outgrown your home office, you might be starting to look for options that will better serve as a progressive and functional environment. A serviced office might just be the solution for you, especially if you are located in London. With many different options for specific locations in London, you'll certainly be able to find the area that best suits your business. Shoreditch is a particularly convenient area in the East End of London in a hub of restaurants, bars, and shops. If you're on the hunt for serviced offices in London, here's a quick look at our available options in Shoreditch.

Bath Place Near London College of Fashion

Located nearby the popular and well known landmark of the London College of Fashion, Bath Place is a particularly charming building and one of our popular Shoreditch serviced offices. The serviced offices in this building are refurbished and unique in their historical charm, with small offices starting at 116 square feet and getting progressively bigger (up to 1560 square feet) to service your particular needs. Ideal for an office of two people or more, the Bath Place building is less than a five-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street tube station. The building comes complete with furnished meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, air conditioning, secure car parking, reception, and security services.

Leonard Street: A Warm and Inviting Work Atmosphere

Situated on Leonard Street between Ravey Street and Paul Street, our Leonard Street serviced offices come with all the charm you've been searching for. Create a warm and inviting work atmosphere in one of these brick-walled offices in this two-story warehouse conversion building. High-end offices here are available on short-term leases and come fully furnished. Two furnished meeting rooms, 24-hour access, and high speed Internet make this a classy and functional Shoreditch option for your serviced office. Situated just a short walk from Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton Square, and Brick Lane, convenience certainly isn't compromised at Leonard Street.

City Road: Flexibility at Old Street

If you're on the search for a serviced office location that will offer the most in modernity, flexibility, and convenience, City Road near Old Street might be the place for you. The offices are situated on the west side of City Road where it converges with Old Street, so you'll be within steps of Old Street tube and train station. You'll also have many restaurants, cafés, and shops at the doorstep of your workplace while reaping the benefits of flexible lease terms. Modern, furnished serviced offices are fully functional here, with all of the services your business needs to flourish, including meeting rooms, lounge areas, and car parking.

When it comes to choosing from a list of serviced offices such as the ones outlined here, you virtually can't go wrong. Opting for Shoreditch as a location for your business will surely be an advantage for you business and a convenient choice for you personally as well. For more specific information and a full list of our London serviced offices, visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com.

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A vast number of start-up businesses are run from a home office or even hotel room. Obviously, in the early days, the idea is to keep expenses at a minimum while still providing a top quality service or product. So when is the best time to consider expanding from a small, private home office to one with a larger, more public profile? This will depend upon a number of factors that are unique to each business's need and budgetary concerns. When you discover that the space and image benefits outweigh your current requirements, consider transitioning to the affordable solution of our serviced offices in Mayfair to accommodate your growth. Change can be daunting, but a business needs to grow or it will wither in the competitive marketplace where image is everything.

Location and Address Should Be Considered

The first step is to pick a location for your new office. A strong statement is made when you can bring new business into a fully furnished serviced office with a prestigious location and professional curb appeal. A well-run office can also be more attractive to new hires that are looking to improve their profiles as well. Depending upon the unique demands of your business, choose a serviced office location that works for you. This can be dependent on where your clients are based, their mobility, where your suppliers are located, etc. There are also some significant tax incentives as well when you choose an option in another part of the world.

Scale Up As Your Needs Demand

The benefit of a serviced office is that you can increase your space as your budget and needs rise. Instead of taking on a long-term commercial lease, you can tailor your space to fit the size of your company. Now is the time to analyse your operations and see what the future holds in terms of benchmarked success and the need for a larger staff. It is at this stage that it's advised to consult with your existing staff to gain input on their requirements as well. Remember that they have to be positive about the transition, since your new space, its size, its layout, and its location will affect their jobs, families, and careers.

Keep Your Contacts In the Loop

When transitioning into a serviced office, take steps to prepare your clients and your contacts. Make sure that there is no interruption to your normal business operations. This can mean sending out emails and newsletters explaining the desired expansion. It's essential that no client feels left behind or ignored, and sending out updates to show your business growth is an ideal way to advertise your success.

Check out the many luxurious options at one of our Mayfair serviced offices at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com. No matter what your company brand, you'll discover that our selection of office space provides not only the cost-effective answer to expanding your business, but also has the aesthetic architectural desirability that will tell the world that you have arrived and are ready to do business.

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If you're the owner of a small business in the UK, or if you have a business idea which will soon become a start-up, you're likely on the lookout for ways to improve your business's viability and success. Whether your small business is already set up in a serviced office, or you're just starting to lay the groundwork for your start-up, it's always beneficial to educate yourself on the types of support available to you. Here are some helpful UK small business grants that are perfect to aid in the success of your business, especially when working from a serviced office.

Direct Grant: Cash Injection for Business-Furthering Ventures

Nothing is more beneficial to your business than a direct cash injection, and, luckily for the many small business owners in the UK, there are many of these direct grants available to varying sectors of business. Most of these awards require the business to provide 50 per cent of the cost and are granted to assist small businesses in training, employment, and capital investment ventures. In the UK, there are over 300 agencies for obtaining direct grants in the varying sectors of business and geographical areas. For example, Catalyst for Growth offers direct grants of up to £500,000 for chemical start-ups located in the North West areas of England.

R&D Tax Credit for Small to Medium Businesses

When tax time rolls around, some small to medium sized enterprises in the UK are relieved to qualify for a grant program from the government: the research and development tax credit. Organised by HM Revenue & Customs, this corporation tax relief is applicable to SMEs that have spent £10,000 over the year on a research and development project in the realm of science and technology. The rate of relief of this tax grant equals 10% of the total qualifying R&D expenditure, and it is certainly worth determining whether your business qualifies.

Soft Loans: Government-Funded Start-up Loans

If your small start-up business is still in the fund-raising stage, you'll be interested to know about the government-backed funding programs available. Soft loans are particularly attractive to most start-up businesses, since they allow for lower interest rates (sometimes interest free) as well as longer repayment terms that are more viable for your business plan. Start Up Loans is a government-funded scheme that is particularly attractive, offering start-up enterprises in the UK loans of up to £25,000. With just 6% interest and the benefit of a 12-month repayment "holiday," this financing scheme has helped fund over 10,000 start-ups in the UK.

Making the decision to start a small business isn't always an easy one, but with these available grants to support your business on its road to success, you can see that new businesses are encouraged for economical benefits of the UK as a whole. With many opportunities to lower expenses by utilizing a functional serviced office for your business, you'll surely feel much more confidence in its success. For a full list of our available serviced offices in London, visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com.

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Serviced offices in Chelsea are not exactly hard to come by, but making sure you find the right one for your business can require some planning. A serviced office is a great alternative to a traditional office setup that does have its limits on various fronts. For instance, in a traditional office space, you'll be interrupted by co-workers, have to deal with the commute going both ways, and be subject to inflexible working hours. All that can be avoided with a serviced office. Here is a quick look at the variety of options you’ll have with our Chelsea serviced offices.

It's About the Services Inside

At Chelsea serviced offices, you get more than just a dedicated space from which to manage and grow your business. You get a prime location that has a host of extremely useful features that are integral to successfully running your business. You need the basics, such as comfortable and stylish furniture, so that your clients and guests alike will be both impressed and at ease in doing business with you. Additionally, your serviced office space will provide you with the latest equipment, such as a high-speed Internet connection, telephones, printers, fax machines, and so much more.

You Get a Host of Professional Assistance Options

The beauty of working out of a serviced office in Chelsea is that you won't have to run your business alone and without any support. A serviced office comes with a plethora of professional-assistance options to make sure that your business operations go smoothly. Without the proper staff in place to assist you, you won't be able to concentrate on selling your product or service, since you'll be forced to deal with the mundane tasks of administration. A serviced office provides you with building facility management to make your life easier. This includes a receptionist, a security team, and even a concierge to see to your guests.

Nice Facilities Are On Hand for Clients

When you're running a business, it is imperative that you impress your clients. One of the best ways to do this is to host them in a stylish environment that is also comfortable. A serviced office in Chelsea comes complete with both breakout areas and communal meeting spaces that cater to clients and guests who appreciate more open surroundings and breathing room. Besides these facilities, kitchens are also present at the site, so that you can attend to your clients and guests if they need refreshments or something quick to eat.

With this sheer diversity of choice at our serviced offices in Chelsea, you can see why occupying a traditional office space is not so attractive anymore. Compared to a traditional office site, a serviced office provides you with so many more opportunities for growth, hosting, and management that are unrivalled. Should you have any questions at all about your serviced office options in Chelsea, do not hesitate to visit our site at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com. There, you will find all sorts of highly relevant information to help you decide which location is right for your business.

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It’s easy to outgrow your home office and realize that working from home is not all that it's cracked up to be. A home office has certain limitations that a serviced office can both address and alleviate quite easily. Your serviced offices Mayfair solutions are waiting just around the bend. A serviced office offers more versatility and flexibility than a traditional office and lends a bit more credibility than a home office. If you've ever wondered why you should check out a serviced office, here are some reasons.

You Need to Impress Your Clients

One of the best ways to impress your clients is by offering them nothing but the best. How can you project that you're at the top of your game in your industry? You can do this by presenting yourself as having a flashy address and a great location in a business-centric part of Mayfair. A serviced office will provide you with nicely styled offices in the business hub of Mayfair. This makes it a cinch to take your clients or even business partners into the serviced office for a meeting or strategizing session. The more impressed your clients are, the more credibility your business will have.

Staff On Hand to Assist You

Another great thing about a serviced office in Mayfair is that it will come with a dedicated staff to help you run your business more efficiently. This is a priceless asset to have, because time is money and you can't do everything by yourself. Some of the staff included in a serviced office are secretaries, receptionists, IT support people, mailroom people, security, and even maintenance workers. Your business is going to be able to run a lot more smoothly with such support staff on site. This leaves you free to focus on your products and services, and find new clients.

Great Equipment Awaits You

Any good serviced office will provide you with the opportunity to use great equipment that can help you run your business in a more modern way. You will have use of modern and high-tech equipment that enables you to oversee all of your business operations. This includes options like a high-speed Internet connection, videoconferencing tools, a telecom infrastructure, digital gear, TVs, fax machines, and copiers. Of course, the most basic essentials are provided, too. Things like a coffee machine, break room, great furniture, and other amenities are all part of the deal as well.

Now you know exactly why a serviced office in Mayfair is just what you need in order to impress your clients and elevate yourself as a business. After all, if your business expands and things get too hectic, then you've outgrown your home office. In such a situation, it is definitely best to obtain some dedicated office space, and a serviced office is just what can help the most. If you have outgrown your home office and want to experience the efficiency of working out of a serviced office, then please visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com to learn more about your options.

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Having the ability to achieve the ultimate level of convenience is just one of the advantages of living and working in central London. If you have a serviced office at one of our Marylebone locations, you'll be happy to know how convenient this truly is for both your business and your lifestyle. Though achieving a healthy lifestyle and a regular fitness schedule can be a challenge in the hustle and bustle of the London grind, you may find it much easier to accomplish your health and fitness goals with these exercise spots so close to your Marylebone serviced office.

Classic Fitness: EasyGym Oxford Street

Located at The Plaza at 120 Oxford Street, EasyGym offers all of the classic fitness opportunities you're used to (and more) within walking distance of almost all of our Marylebone serviced offices. With a full-sized gym with a great range of equipment, EasyGym will get your closer to reaching your health and fitness goals. With affordable monthly memberships that are available without a contract, as well as a full range of fitness classes like yoga and zumba, there's no reason to avoid the gym any longer.

Stretch and Tone: Pilates Off The Square

If you're someone who would rather ease your way into a toned and healthy body, Pilates might be just the fitness class for you. Pilates Off The Square is both a teaching and training facility with the leading methods of Pilates, so you are sure to get the best workout. This spot is conveniently located at 4 Mandeville Place, near our Marylebone serviced offices. Classes offer close supervision by professionals, so you're sure to have a successful and fulfilling workout here. You can choose from the 90-minute studio classes or opt for a one-on-one 60-minute class. Early bird and lunchtime classes are also available for your pre-work or lunchtime exercise.

Dance Fit: Ballet-Based Curvenetics

For an exercise that is both fun and specific to your particular body type, consider visiting Curvenetics for their ballet-based fitness classes, and dance your way to being fit. Curvenetics ballet-based classes were developed by the owner, Tracy Rose, who has been teaching the exercise methods that promote natural curves since 1980. Creatively called "Curvenetics," these exercises will allow you to harness your natural body and bring your shape into its most fit and healthy form. For your Tuesday evening workout after leaving the office, take up a Curvenetics class at 7A Princes Street, which is just a two-minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station.

Having a wide range and variety of options virtually at the doorstep of your serviced office in Marylebone will certainly allow you to accomplish a seamless and balanced schedule for a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, working from our Marylebone serviced offices is surely something to consider if your business is growing and you’re just about ready to leave your home office. For a full list of our Marylebone serviced office locations and to find more information about amenities in the area, visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Marylebone.

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Our Berkeley Street offices have exactly what you'll need in terms of tailored space and on-site professional services. Located in London's West End, your office will be at the heart of business activity while retaining a local and friendly feel. If you're still on the fence about booking a space, consider the many benefits of establishing your start-up business or expanding your freelance operations in this vibrant and professionally-minded area. London's celebrated West End has been home to historical and cultural events spanning the illustrious narrative of the city itself. Without having to invest in real estate or sign a costly and risky long-term lease agreement, you can have access to this perfectly placed area.

Fully Designed and Furnished Office Space

In order to make a great first impression, it's vital to have a professional appearance and sophisticated design to your space. Considering the expense of outfitting an office with furniture, art, and decorations, our Berkeley Street offices make considering a long-term lease an unviable option. You don't need to worry about interior design because we have you covered, no matter your style, taste, or budget.

Location Can Be Everything

When a client or new employee discovers the area in which you operate, they tend to associate your location with your brand tone. Creating a suitable image for your company's persona can begin with your address. All of our vintage West End, Berkeley Street offices are close to Victoria Station for easy transportation access, but you're also nearby some of London's premiere tourist attractions, such as the beautiful Hyde Park and the River Thames.

Flexibility Is Key to Maintaining Productivity

Keeping costs low can be encouraged by using space only when needed. Being flexible with your time and your space can inspire your employees to work more productively. The combination of flexible hours and office usage means that your business can thrive during the busy moments, and not suffer during the lean months. You set the scale of your needs and we can tailor a plan to fit them.

Full Administration Support

Have you considered the cost of employing a receptionist, a concierge, and a security company? When you maintain one of our Berkeley Street offices, you'll also gain access to fully-trained administration staff, including a manned reception desk and telephone answering service.

Your Brand Tone Begins With Your Office

At the end of the day, your office space speaks to your company's branding initiatives. Having a modern, sophisticated space can inform your potential clients about the professional nature of your product or service. Choosing a space that evokes history can tell your public that you are connected to a long tradition. In either case, your office describes you better than your marketing material ever can.

Discover the many options that can best suit your office space needs and also address your company's brand tone. Visit our website at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Berkeley-Street to see the total list of available Berkeley Street offices. Each affords different benefits, but the general tone of the neighbourhood and West End feel can be appreciated at each location.

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Did you know that a traditional work environment can actually make people less productive? There are a number of reasons why this may be. Perhaps the commute is grueling, the work hours are inflexible, or the office itself is cramped and inhumane. All these things can be incredibly taxing on the individual. So much is being written these days about finding the perfect life and work balance. Freelance companies tend to be favoured by those seeking the kind of flexibility they require in order to be happy, and keeping employees happy is the first step towards boosting productivity.

Can Piccadilly Serviced Offices Create Happy Employees?

A study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happy people are around 12% more productive. If happiness is the best way for businesses to maintain productivity, is there a way to quantify and guarantee employee satisfaction? One major area that causes grief in the workplace is around time. Having fixed periods of time can create stress. If lunch breaks, for example, are too long or too short, employees become frustrated with either the perceived "wasting" of time or the perceived lack of time to do the work required. Allowing workers to manage their own time has shown an increase in happiness and a decrease in stress. Our Piccadilly serviced offices are perfectly located across from Green Park, so workers have the option to stroll along garden paths if they want to spend some quiet downtime. Lunch hours can be flexible, and the Mayfair area is crawling with quality and quick restaurants, allowing for total flexibility when it comes to individual diet and unique time concerns.

Quick Commutes and Adequate Space Can Relieve Stress

Because our Piccadilly serviced offices are conveniently located along public transportation routes, your employees will have to spend less time on the road or in the tube. This is a major consideration for employees who are trying to reduce stress while having an optimal amount of time for their families in terms of parenting responsibilities and other personal life needs. Again, flexibility is the answer to producing happy workers and a serviced office is defined by its flexibility. As your workforce expands, your space requirements can increase, allowing your staff to always have the exact amount of space and distance they want from their co-workers. Too much distance and workers feel disconnected from each other, but cramped space creates a stressful work environment.

Reduced Stress Means Reduced Absenteeism

When employees are engaged and satisfied, it is less likely they will feel the need to take "sick" or "personal" days. Modern conveniences such as smartphones and email have turned office jobs into 24/7 operations. While connectivity is essential for speedy service, it doesn't do much to alleviate the feeling of being tethered to ones job. The key to being able to balance work and life is to properly separate each.

Take a closer look at our Piccadilly serviced offices at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com and you'll see how luxurious and calm these spaces can be. The location and interior design have a satisfying influence that will encourage workers to focus more directly on the work they are doing and less on the stress that comes from operating from a cramped, dark, and dire space. You’ll be satisfied you made the right decision when productivity numbers start to improve.

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Apart from the cost benefits associated with operating a serviced office, you also have access to the world's leading authorities across every industry. London business networking events occur with great regularity, and June is no exception. Check out these events and discover the one that is perfect for you. If you think you can handle the traffic, you can also consider using your serviced office as the location for your own London business networking event. There is no better way to create authority within your field than drawing other professionals to your door. With fully furnished offices, you can make a great first impression and keep your guests well informed and entertained, all without having to sign a long-term lease agreement.

The IOSH Conference for Health and Safety Professionals

If you are in an industry that works alongside health and safety professionals, consider the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) conference this year being held at the ExCel London international convention centre from June 17-18. Each year, issues are discussed in order to improve performance in the health and safety sector. Agendas surround exclusive symposiums led by speakers and delegates from over 30 countries who talk on subjects surrounding safety compliance as they affect the business sector and the insurance industry. No matter what your field of expertise, this conference will help to outline the direct impact that workplace safety issues can have on business operation.

The Global Academic Network Presents Its London Conference

The GAC Scientific Committee hosts events around the EU and this June (11-14), you can expect to find them presenting their London conference. They welcome submissions from a variety of academic fields of research, including the humanities and social sciences, education, business and economics, and technology and science. Their aim is primarily to encourage scholarly discussion and debate between experts in their respective fields. However, guests are invited to attend in order to increase their awareness and understanding of the key academic issues facing worldwide research. This is a great resource for business professionals who are seeking to learn more about current trends, theories, and findings with regards to scientific research.

BritMums Live Keeps Its Finger on the Pulse of the Blogosphere

Considered the largest of its kind in the UK, BritMums Live brings together an enormous collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers who mostly write about food, travel, and parenting issues. While this is an industry unto itself, it also determines the character and style of Internet digital marketing tactics that other industries need to know about. If keeping current on social media trends is a part of your marketing strategy, why not consider attending this conference, which is being held at The Brewery (52 Chiswell Street) from June 20-21.

Having access to the many London business networking events and the professional community that supports them is only one of the benefits of establishing your serviced office location in the London area. To examine a list of the available offices and their local amenities and services, visit our site at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com for more detailed information. Our specialists would be more than happy to help you find other resources and networking events that suit your unique niche industry.

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If you're looking at the highly desirable Pimlico area for your office space, you're not alone. This area has been a rich source of culture, politics, and history spanning back more than 400 years. The fact that this district is home to not only Buckingham Palace but also the House of Parliament has greatly enhanced the profile of the Pimlico area by encouraging many politicians and notables to maintain residence. Because of the importance that local organizations have placed on the area’s history, the traditional feel and architecture have been retained, despite much upheaval in terms of war devastation and economic growth and modernization. If you're looking for a Pimlico serviced office, check out these prime locations as well the local amenities before making a decision.

Vincent Square Boasts a Great Walking Location

Located directly across from Vincent Park, our Vincent Square location is conveniently close to the commute lines at Vauxhall Bridge Road as well as public transportation links, including Pimlico and St. James Park underground stations. In the summer, the calm, tree-lined streets provide ample parking and residents can be seen playing in the nearby field. This space is perfect for a business that desires a local feel, because it is nestled within a residential neighbourhood. Less than a block down the street, you can have lunch on the patio of the Pimlico Beer Garden. Our office has facilities that can be accessed by people with disabilities, useful lifts for those with mobility issues, and space that is fully air conditioned for your comfort.

Wilton Road Puts You at the Centre of Activity

Located near the bustling Victoria Station, our Wilton Road office can serve as a hub for your operations. Your visitors can stay at one of the nearby hotels, such as the Park Plaza Victoria London or the Doubletree by Hilton, both located down the street from your office. This modern-designed space is ideal for a company looking to create a contemporary and cutting edge persona with complete broadband access and cabling as well as a sophisticated building facade and fashionable sleek entrance atrium area where guests are greeted by a reception professional, all included in the service.

Buckingham Palace Road Office Offers Highest Standard

If your branding persona speaks of high-end sophistication, consider the landmark Buckingham Palace Road location to fulfil all your dreams of quality and outstanding service. You can have an office down the street from the palace and the Royal Mews. At the other end, you'll find the River Thames with virtually unlimited access to the most popular tourist attractions that London has to offer. The offices themselves offer full twenty-four-hour access, and an onsite café and restaurant so you and your guests can remain refreshed and vitalized throughout the workday.

The Pimlico area is as close to the heart of London that you can get, with all roads leading towards it. If you want more detailed information on any of our Pimlico serviced offices, including amenities, rates, and service details, visit http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Pimlico. Whether you desire to be in the heart of tourist and business activity, or prefer a quieter location, check out the options for a serviced office in this beautiful and historic area.
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