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Employing a serviced office doesn't mean that your team needs to sacrifice health for location. For healthy food, Heddon Street is a prime spot to not only enjoy the local atmosphere but also choose from a decent selection of vegetarian and health-conscious options to keep your team energized and revitalized. Whether it's lunch or an after-work supper, these nutritious-minded restaurants are the perfect places to find sustenance while also encouraging a well-balanced approach to the work-life dining relationship.

Tibits: Vegans and Vegetarians Delight

Nestled on the corner of Heddon Street is the chic, self-service, Swiss vegetarian restaurant Tibits. Patrons are treated to a wide selection of vegan options, such as green pea hummus and oven potatoes, aubergine Cordon Bleu, and handmade veggie pies with red pepper sauce. Their team of expert chefs and pastry handlers has recently been named the top veggie restaurant at the prestigious Cook Vegetarian Awards. Guests have also touted this place with favourable reviews and the restaurant certainly lives up to its motto of "Food that loves you back." Enjoyed by not only the local business community, Tibits is visited by international celebrities like Sir Ian McKellen and Samuel L. Jackson. The best part of the service here is that customers pay by the weight of their buffet-style culinary treats. This way, your team can customize their perfect meal to suit their appetite, but also know that they are eating well at the same time.

Itsu Japanese Sushi: Sushi and Noodles Make a Quick Getaway

If the members of your team are hard at work and want to return to the serviced office as quickly as possible, why not consider a fast food that feeds the body while doing the least amount of harm. Itsu Japanese Sushi is the Heddon area answer to prêt à manger cuisine that can easily be bundled up to go. They actually have two separate locations, one northeast of Regent Street and one only a block over from Heddon. They specialize in sushi first and foremost, with their signature hand rolls consisting of salmon and watercress as well as California crab, but they also have the very efficient bento boxes of teriyaki grilled salmon or free-range chicken. While their hot selections are made to order, they sport a conveyor belt of single plate, cold options that can simply be scooped up for takeaway.

Pure: Enjoy a Healthy Start to the Day

Your team will want to forego the obvious coffee and a muffin syndrome that can have an energy-sapping effect later in the day, especially when they can have access to heart-healthy smoothies and freshly baked breads and toasties. The breakfast restaurant Pure is the ideal way to start the day, with their offerings of flat breads, wraps, and even porridge for a tinge of the traditional. Start with the Go Green or Energizer smoothies, packed full of protein and phytonutrients to provide long-term energy and benefits when working extended hours in your serviced office. They offer delivery, but you can also phone ahead to get their "jump the line" service so all you need to do is run in and pick it up.

When accessing your serviced offices Heddon Street location, remember to check out the many health-oriented options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether your team is filled with meat lovers or vegans, there are a great many lean protein options to fulfil appetites and keep a well-rounded approach to a wholesome diet. For more information on booking a Heddon Street location or to learn more about the area and its amenities, contact us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com. Our goal is to make your business as efficient and fulfilling as possible, whether with the space you require, or providing access to the food your team will enjoy eating.

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Setting up a serviced office to conduct meetings and business, especially for international corporations may seem complicated. Not understanding the lay of the land shouldn't cause hesitation, however. Seemingly minor issues such as knowing where employees can eat lunch and dinner is as easy as doing a little online research. Our serviced offices Lime Street location is perfectly situated in the heart of London's Leadenhall Market district to give you and your working staff many options for daytime snacks and coffee shops during regular business hours. But what do you do if the late night hours sneak up and you find yourself in need of some sustenance after it gets dark? Luckily, even though the thriving city centre is generally quiet after business hours, there are still a number of restaurants and pubs that feature a later-than-business menu.

A Casual Spanish Tapas Bar

If your team is hard at work and they simply can't pull themselves away, order takeaway and get it delivered direct to the office from the Barcelona Tapas Bar. They feature authentic Spanish menu items like a party-sized serving of paella or a platter of fried calamari rings, tortillas and Chorizo Al Vino, along with a delectable selection of olives, cheese, almonds and Serrano ham. Conveniently located at the foot of Lime Street itself, your order will be speedy and fresh so your team can keep on working without having to pause too long to snack. The Barcelona is open until 11pm, just in case an all-night work session is in order.

Italian Fine Dining May Encourage a Visit

Instead of ordering in, why not consider taking the team down Lime Street to visit Giorgio's at Leadenhall. They take pride in serving the business community with semi-private rooms that give you and your team the ability to dine in relative seclusion for your evening supper break. Giorgio's is renowned for their fish dishes, so be sure to try the Grilled Dover Sole or indulge your group with the large sea tiger prawns served with a fresh Cornish crab salad. And of course their classic Italian menu includes a wide variety of pasta and risotto dishes. They're open until 9:30 and also offer delivery service, but with the extensive and diverse wine list, this spot may be the perfect end to your productive day.

When in London, Do as the Londoners

When your day is done, unwind in a traditional English-style pub for a classic Mixed Meat Board at Old Tom's Bar. This spot has been a long-time favourite in the Market area and you're sure to connect with others looking for a quick bite in a relaxed atmosphere. As if perfectly preserved, Old Tom's has wall tiles that date back to the 19th Century. This makes for the perfect atmosphere in which to sample their fabulous range of craft beers, artisan breads, exotic cheeses and award-winning wild board salami.

The great thing about working in a serviced office is that your location becomes a focal point of interest for work and pleasure alike. And the great thing about working with our team is that you get access to professionals who understand your personal preferences, even where food is concerned. As well, we understand the details of keeping a serviced office, finding tailored fits and renting quality space. Contact a specialist today or visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com to learn more about the various locations that you can access in the central London area. We can answer questions and help work out even the smallest of details. In the meantime, check out the best late night food Lime Street and nearby areas can offer you and your hard working staff.

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When choosing a location for your serviced office in London, it's important to opt for a place where you can step out of the office at your convenience and get a cup of coffee or a quality lunch. At our many serviced offices Bishopsgate locations, this is never a problem. With so many trendy cafes just steps from our Bishopsgate serviced office locations, our clients get business-hour convenience at its finest. Here are some of the best Bishopsgate cafés in which to conduct a productive work meeting over a coffee.

Caffè Nero: Familiar Comfort

If your aim is to put your business partners, new clients, or potential new customers at ease, you may want to opt for a café that most people are familiar and comfortable with. Caffè Nero could be your best option. It is located within steps from the majority of our Bishopsgate serviced office locations, and is situated at the corner of Bishopsgate and London Wall. Caffè Nero offers all the caffeinated drinks you and your business partners could want, as well as a plethora of pastries, snacks, and sandwiches. The warm and cosy atmosphere might just offer the perfect sense of comfort to serve your business meeting well.

Patisserie Valerie: Chic Atmosphere

For something a little more upscale with a chic and classy atmosphere, you can opt to visit Patisserie Valerie, which is situated off the beaten track of Bishopsgate at 37 Brushfield Street. Often quiet in the morning hours, you may find that this is the perfect place to hold your morning business meeting. With a menu full of delicious pastries and cakes, you can even satisfy your sweet tooth while carrying out your business meeting. The patisserie also serves breakfast and lunch, or you can opt for a simple, sit-in coffee for your business meeting with your team, clients, or potential business partners.

The Liberty of Norton Folgate: Trendy Café

If you really want to impress potential business partners, there's no better strategy than introducing them to something new and satisfying. You’ll find this at The Liberty of Norton Folgate coffee shop, situated at 201 Bishopsgate. Serving coffee made from some of the UK's highest quality roasters, and offering a trendy and fashionable interior décor with geometric, artistic lighting, you and the rest of your business team are sure to be impressed by what you find here. Visit The Liberty of Norton Folgate, and opt to make the most of your meeting. You’ll impress in more ways than one.

You should always be cognizant of the atmosphere you choose to conduct your business meeting in, as it can have a greater effect than you might imagine. Regardless of the purpose of your business meeting, there are certainly plenty of comfortable cafés within walking distance to choose from at your leisure. Take your pick from these incredible Bishopsgate cafés, and be sure to impress your new business partners and clients alike. To learn more about our Bishopsgate serviced office locations and the amenities available nearby, visit http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Bishopsgate.

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Anyone running a small business will require some sort of space in which to run the everyday affairs of their business. After all, a business needs some sort of physical or "virtual" location as a point of contact for customers and partners. It's in the office where the majority of the business dealings takes place. Like all business owners, you want to be able to keep your expenses to a minimum, as well as have the flexibility in a space that can meet your needs. Luckily, the serviced office industry is increasing, offering small business owners a number of advantages that are simply not provided with a traditional office space. Here are just three out of the many reasons why the serviced office option can be the perfect solution for you.

Save Money Without the Added Overhead

One of the key advantages of choosing to use a serviced office as opposed to a traditional space is the all-encompassing rent. You won't find any additional costs that you have to pay on top of your monthly rent serviced office, making it easy and economical to manage your lease payments. All of the "extras" that may be associated with traditional leases are included with a serviced office, including heating/air conditioning, security, building maintenance, landscaping, lighting and electricity, cleaning, elevators, insurance, and so forth.

Ready for Immediate Occupation

Instead of leasing out a specific office unit and having to make all the alterations and additions yourself, a serviced office comes completely equipped with everything you need to run your business. This is a total solution for small businesses because such spaces come fully equipped and loaded with all the tools you need to keep up with your day-to-day activities. You'll be provided with amenities such as conference facilities, high speed Internet access, telephone answering services, reception support, security, video conferencing, and so forth.

Flexibility in Lease Length

It can be quite difficult for businesses - especially new ones - to accurately predict their overhead figures over a certain time span. Many office spaces typically require a business owner to enter into a lengthy lease of at least 12 months or longer. One of the major differences between a traditional office space and a serviced office is the length of the lease. Business owners have the flexibility to choose a lease length that is much shorter, so that long-term commitment isn't necessary. You can take out an office lease for as little as 3 months if that's all you require. This difference in lease lengths gives business owners the flexibility needed to shrink or expand as the business carries on. Taking on the additional space only when needed can also help to keep the overhead low, which is particularly helpful during the early phases of a start-up business.

Running your business with a serviced office can offer you the affordability and conveniences that you simply won't get with a traditional office space. If you're looking to take advantage of the benefits that a serviced office provides, and are in the London, Mayfair or surrounding areas, check out ServicedOfficesMayfair.com. We can help you find the ideal office space to run your small business conveniently and affordably!

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Doing business in a foreign city doesn't mean that you can't continue to connect. If you're planning on securing a serviced office space in May 2014 there are a number of business networking events in London. These events offer great opportunities to not only connect with other business practitioners, but also to learn from specialists and leaders who offer informative symposiums and talks. Whether your focus is in legal matters, tech business or entrepreneurship, there is a group of associates that meets regularly each month and welcomes new guests and members into their inner circles that you'll enjoy connecting with.

Attend This Featured Meetup on May 6

If you're in the process of starting a company or have already started one, check out the Entrepreneurs of London. Each month they feature workshops and seminars by other successful company owners and speakers. In the past, well-known guests such as Brad Rosser (Richard Branson's former top associate) have been on hand to offer their perspective and insight into startup funding, marketing, pitching, PR and general business strategies. On Tuesday, May 6 they are promoting the event entitled, "How to Become Completely Unstoppable" with guest speaker Allan Kleyhans, a highly respected performance coach and training facilitator. His talks have been enormously well received by audiences of business owners, financial traders and even professional sports personalities, including members of the Springbok and Sharks rugby teams.

Join the London OpenCoffee Club

This group specializes in attracting investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to network. Despite what the name implies, they do more than simply meet for coffee. They have an active online community that passes out important news and information about other symposiums and talks of interest to the general group. They're a great resource if you're new to the London small to mid-sized business community. Their staple event is their regular weekly networking event which takes place every Thursday morning (May included) from 10am-12noon where members meet to share stories over a cup of coffee.

Practice Managers, COOs and Directors Take Note

The only event of its kind, the Legal Practice Management 2014 conference targets heads of operations and heads of finance from small to medium UK law firms. Each year, the conference focuses on a wide range of topics and features speakers who are experts in the field of good practice in law firm management. This year the May 19 event will feature guest speakers that include the illustrious Rupert Collins-White, Editor of LPM Magazine and Director of the Legal Support Network. Other activities on the day will include facilitated workshops on marketing strategy and implementation in order to better target and identify existing and emerging purchasers.

Establishing a satellite company with a serviced office in a foreign city doesn't mean that you're disconnected; in fact, it's just the opposite. Throughout this city you'll discover a wealth of support and a thriving business community waiting to welcome you to the many business networking events in London. For more information on events occurring in the Mayfair area or anywhere throughout London, feel free to contact us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com. It's our goal to make sure that wherever you set up your office, you find all the comforts of a long-term, established presence in order to help your business thrive.

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If you're working from a serviced office, it's especially important that you have a good social media presence. As many business owners are aware, a strong social media strategy can really help take your business to the next level. But a bad social media strategy? Well, that's another story altogether. Here are six social media faux pas that you absolutely must avoid if you want your serviced office business to succeed.

The Empty Facebook Page

Some business owners seem to think that a good social media strategy simply involves having an open account on all the right social media sites—simply set up a Facebook page and wait for the conversions to roll in! However, having an incomplete profile or leaving a profile unattended can often be worse than having no profile at all. This sends the message that either the business is lazy about their social media strategy, or, worse, that the business doesn't exist anymore.

The Random Social Media Strategy

While some companies don't post enough on their social media profiles, there are others that post way too much. A good social media strategy should be focused and serve to build up your brand, which means that you shouldn't just post or retweet everything that happens to strike your fancy at the moment.

The Impersonal Social Media Post

Social media tools are great for welcoming all sorts of different languages and conversations, but one type of language that is not welcome on social media is corporate jargon. If your social media posts are too stuffy or full of marketing speak, you'll only end up hurting your business.

The Twitter Diatribe

On the other end of the spectrum from the impersonal social media post is the Twitter diatribe. While some companies are good at keeping their social media posts sounding human, some can get a little too human. Yes, Twitter is a great place to exchange ideas, but there's no need to get belligerent. Remember that if someone posts something critical about your business on social media, the worst way to respond is to start an argument with that person.

The #UsingWayTooManyHashtags Social Media Strategy

Yes, hashtags can be a good way to create engagement online, but for the most part, it seems like the hashtag trend is basically over. In fact, new research from Buffer shows that tweets with three or more hashtags actually get 21% less engagement than tweets that use less than three hashtags.

The “Using Every World Event As a Marketing Opportunity” Strategy

One final tip that businesses must be aware of is that not every world event should be used as an opportunity to promote your brand online. Case in point: During the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, food retailer Epicurious tweeted: "In honour of Boston and New England, may we suggest: whole grain cranberry scones!" Yes, social media is a great tool for staying connected with what's going on around the world, but obviously there are times when jumping on a world event to promote your brand is simply not acceptable.

Often, the best tool to use when it comes to your social media strategy is some good old-fashioned common sense. However, you'd be surprised how many companies leave this out of the equation! Use your common sense wisely and you should be able to avoid these six deadly social media sins and keep your serviced office business flourishing. For more information on our serviced offices, visit us at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com.

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As a business owner, you know how important your clients are to you, and just as important is their opinion of you and the business itself. When your clients come into town, you'll surely want to leave a lasting impression on them. So when organizing a business meeting with your best clients, be sure to take them to only the best of settings in Clerkenwell. Opt for one of these exclusive Clerkenwell restaurants that promise to impress both you and your clients.

Upscale Comfort: Bistrot Bruno Loubet at the Zetter Hotel

The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell not only offers luxury boutique rooms, but also offers a restaurant of the same standard: the Bistrot Bruno Loubet. Having undergone a remodeling of the menu back in 2010, Bistrot Bruno Loubet is now a lively place in the heart of Clerkenwell with a menu packed with regional quality cuisine infused with Asian and North African ingredients. If you truly want to impress your most important clients, while ensuring they are kept at ease and feeling comfortable, take them to Bistrot Bruno Loubet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant is located inside the Zetter Hotel at 86-88 Clerkenwell Road.

Infused Atrium: Portal Restaurant and Bar

On a sunny day, there's no place better than Portal Restaurant and Bar to impress your business clients. This is a Portuguese restaurant and wine bar in an atrium-like setting with plenty of sky-high windows to allow the interior to be infused with light. They also have incredible, modern Portuguese cuisine! There is outdoor seating available for warmer days, which offers just as much of a sophisticated setting as the interior. With a specialty wine list, as well as high-end à la carte and tapas menu items, a good impression is inevitable. Visit Portal Restaurant and Bar at 88 St John Street.

French With a Twist: Otto's Restaurant

For the best of traditional French cuisine with a unique, modern twist, consider taking your clients to dine at Otto's Restaurant, located at 182 Gray's Inn Road, just north of Clerkenwell Road. At Otto's Restaurant, which is one of the most popular French restaurants in the area, your clients will certainly be impressed by the upscale décor, well-reputed service, and heart-warming cuisine with a twist. Otto’s is the perfect place for lunch, but they also offer a complete à la carte menu, as well as a specialty wine list. This restaurant might just be the place to truly inspire great business relationships, as well as a great time.

When it comes to creating a truly positive and lasting impression, all aspects must be in order. From the service to the food to the atmosphere, you'll need to ensure everything is up to par to if you want to make the best impression. With one of these exclusive Clerkenwell dining spots, you'll be sure to do just that, as long as your personal disposition is up to par as well! For more information on our serviced offices Clerkenwell locations, visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Clerkenwell.

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Soho is part of the West End of London and the city of Westminster and offers an attractive location for serviced offices. This area has long been known as a major entertainment district and is recognisable for its contemporary architecture. Today, Soho is home to a few nightclubs as well as upscale restaurants and professional offices. Some of the best serviced offices Soho has to offer are available on Greek Street, Oxford Street or in Soho square, right in the heart of Westminster. When visiting this West End neighbourhood, there's no shortage of attractions to enjoy. Keep reading to discover the top attractions for visiting staff near our serviced offices in beautiful Soho.

Spend an Enchanting Evening at the British Museum

Taking the A40 or Oxford Street through Soho, you can't miss the British Museum on the north side just off Gower Street. Less than one kilometre from our virtual offices, the British Museum is host to some of the world's best natural history and art exhibits. With a focus on human culture and history, the British Museum boasts a substantial collection of over 8 million individual artifacts. The British Museum is most famous for its Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the remains of King Tutankhamen, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 19th century. With collections that include Viking, Asian and South American pieces, there's surely something for everyone at the British Museum.

Visit the National Gallery in the West End

The National Gallery is the perfect place to stop by for anyone visiting West London. Firstly, you'll have a chance to take in the majestic design of the William Wilkins Building, modelled after the Greek Parthenon and set on the periphery of the world famous Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery is the 5th most visited art museum worldwide and displays original paintings by legends such as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. The national gallery is easily accessible via the Underground and is closest to Charing Cross Station.

The Nearby Sir John Soane's Museum offers many Unique Exhibits

For a more subtle museum experience, stop by the Sir John Soane's Museum, which features the work of this neo-classical architect, including drawings, antiquities, designs and paintings. This architect designed such buildings as the Bank of England, the National Debt Redemption Office in London (demolished in 1900) and other government buildings and expansions. Soane also designed the Royal Belfast Academical Institution in Ireland. In this museum just South of the University of Arts, visitors can view over 30,000 stunning architectural drawings created by Soane and his pupils. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a designer, or an engineer, you'll love viewing the classical style of Soane on display.

West London has a lot to offer for visiting staff at your serviced office. Along with the functional decor and excellent services you can expect from a virtual office, your visiting staff will also have the opportunity to experience some of the most celebrated culture that West London has to offer. Experience these great attractions and more the next time you host visitors at your Soho serviced office.

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When growing into a new or untapped market, serviced office space can be the way to go for small or medium sized businesses that are still in the process of expanding their customer base. The difficulty, however, comes with trying to find an appropriate building in an ideal location, especially for a busy city such as London. This is where professional advice from a group like ServicedOfficesMayfair.com can come in handy. We can help you find some of the best spots around London for your business to set up an office. One location in particular that we invite you to consider is the area known as Shepherd Market.

A Modernized Area Rich With History and Old World Charm

One aspect of Shepherd Market that sets it apart is that, despite having become one of London's top destinations for shopping and fine dining, this area has also maintained all the old world charm of its village square setup – a design that hearkens back to a time when the village square was the centre of attention for entirely different reasons. Shepherd Market used to be one of the city's top regions when it came to cattle trading during the 17th and 18th centuries, after which, at the beginning of the 20th century, the area quickly evolved to become one of the most sought after residential districts. From there, over the course of the next several decades, it gradually became home to the majority of the city's aristocracy. Then the times changed once more and the area adapted again to become what its residents know today: a hub of modern living that still contains the subtle feel of the old world village it used to be long ago.

High Quality Spots for Dining, Drinking, and Shopping

As the backdrop for your new serviced office, Shepherd Market offers convenient access to many different dining, drinking, and shopping destinations. A lot of its local restaurants are considered by area residents to be so-called "hidden gems" of dining. Among Shepherd Market's very best establishments are L'Artiste Muscle (a French wine bar that also serves delicious seafood to compliment any drink selection), L'Autre (a Polish/Mexican bistro that serves filling regional dishes along with fresh fish and game), Le Boudin Blanc (a French restaurant touted as one of the top such establishments outside France), and Al Hamra (a Lebanese restaurant that offers authentic cuisine consisting of varied and healthy dishes). Later on in the day, the many area pubs open up, so an after work drink is always only a block or two away. Along with drinking and eating, Shepherd Market also makes it quite easy to find any item or gift you need with its selection of quality shops and boutiques that sell everything you could imagine from clothes and jewellery to luggage and tobacco.

Quick and Convenient Accessibility via Many Different Transportation Options

For getting to and from Shepherd Market, the area itself is situated in an ideal spot whether you're looking to drive or take public transport. Located a mere four minutes to the east at Piccadilly Road, the Green Park tube station serves as a quick access point. Also available for consideration are the area's many bus routes, which come in from around the city directly to Green Park station. Included among these are routes 9, 12, 14, 19, 22, 38, and C2. Finally, for drivers, accessing Shepherd Park is just as easy via one of the two main roadways – Piccadilly to the area's south and Park Lane along its eastern side ¬– found a minute or so outside the neighbourhood. Whichever method you choose, getting to and from your serviced office in Shepherd Market won't ever have to be of concern to you or your employees.

Acquiring serviced office space in London is a great way to expand any small or mid-range business, and Shepherd Market in particular is right up there among some of the top location options to choose from. It can provide you with a locale that's modern yet still rich with history and old world charm, that contains plenty of options for dining, drinking and shopping, and that's accessible from anywhere else in the city via many different transportation options. If you're interested in learning more about serviced offices Shepherd Market, or you'd like to look at some different locations throughout London, we invite you to visit us at ServicedOfficeMayfair.com. There you'll find everything you need to know about the different serviced offices we provide in locations across the city along with information on how to go about renting one for your business.
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