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2014 is here, and for you and your business, it's time to get networking in order to achieve your 2014 New Year's resolution! As a business owner, you probably agree that regardless of whether a company runs its business from serviced offices or not, networking is important to the growth and exposure of the business. And with these upcoming business-networking events in the London area before us, we'll all be sure to have a productive and successful month in March.

Chamber of Commerce: Kingston Networking Breakfast

Put on by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, join this early morning networking event and make the most of your day. This event will be taking place in Kingston, about a 35-minute drive southwest of Central London, at Canbury Arms on Thursday, March 13th, from 8:00 am to 9:30 am. Get a warm welcome from Michael, Charlotte, Victor, and the rest of the team at the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, whether you're a first-timer or not, and take advantage of this effective and affordable morning meet-up. Get your ticket for only £30.00, bring plenty of business cards, and prepare to speak about your business!

Learn the Rags of Networking Skills

If you'd like to make networking a consistent part of your business plan, but you feel you could use some practice on the art of networking itself, this event is just for you. Put on by the Rag's Business Networking Club, the event will allow you to join with other business professionals in your area at the Army & Navy Club at 36 Pall Mall on the morning of Tuesday, March 4th, from 8:30 to 10:30. You’ll learn the skills you need to continue making the most of your scheduled networking events. And for just £15.00, you'll even get the opportunity to practice your newly learned networking skills at the facilitated networking time after the presentation from 10 am to 10.30 am.

Escape the Office for Business Networking

Enjoy this business networking event entitled "Escape the Office" and do just that while improving your business. This event features Kezia Noble, who you may know from her TV dating advice. At this event, she’ll be sharing advice in an entirely different realm: leveraging people skills for the benefit of your entrepreneurial ventures. Perfect for start-up companies, this event will surely help to establish the basis for gaining the right connections and meeting the right people. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to talk about your business. Get your ticket for just £10.00 and join this unique networking event at a secret location in Covent Garden, Monday, March 17th, from 19:00 to 23:30.

Whether you're situated in a serviced office or not, networking is something that will surely benefit your business. And deciding to include networking in your business's regular activities come March is something that will surely reflect the positive benefits of getting connected. You should consider attending these London-area networking events. You can get more information on our locations for serviced offices in the London area by visiting us today at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com.

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If you've recently started your own small business and you've heard about serviced offices, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. While a virtual office can be a great way to get started in the world of business, a serviced office can move your start-up in the direction of future success!

Everything Your Business Requires Is Part of the Deal

While a small business can start out almost anywhere, such as a home office in your basement, once it begins to boom you may want to find a real office space to really get your company off the ground. As the costs of a business office can be prohibitive, a serviced office is ideal for a company that's ready to grow but not quite prepared to make the financial sacrifices that can come with a real office. Serviced offices come fully furnished with all the accessories needed to run a business, and many of them also provide boardrooms that you can use when you need to meet with the new clients you're trying to impress.

Your Business Will Project a Professional Image

While a home office space or virtual office can be good in the beginning when you're trying to create a stable business, once you've moved beyond the initial difficulties of establishing yourself they probably won't do the trick. As most serviced offices are centrally located and close to many restaurants, shops, and trendy areas, they can automatically provide the image of a business that is stable and on the up and up. In addition, because you'll be located in an office building, you won't have to worry about the maintenance or upkeep of your serviced office and the surrounding property, as the landlords will be responsible for taking care of the minor details for you.

You Can Save Your Money for a Rainy Day

If you happen to be a small business owner, making sure that ends meet can be the cause of much of your start-up related stress early on. In the beginning stages of any company, money has to be expertly managed. A serviced office can be an economical way to provide growth for your business without having to make an extended commitment to an office space. Because many regular business offices require long-term leases, this means you may have to pay for a larger office space than what you need to accommodate growth. On the other hand, a serviced office can be rented for a shorter period of time, which means you can pay for the office you need and move on when the space becomes to small. So, instead of putting your money into expensive real estate, you can put it towards marketing, business development, and fostering future plans for your company!

A great option for the development of your business, serviced offices can be the perfect solution for the evolving start-up. Whether you're looking for a more professional image or an office that's fully furnished, you may want to visit www.servicedofficesmayfair.com for more information about the options for a small business.

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A serviced office is a great choice for young and growing businesses. Having the right space for your business to grow in is an important factor in determining its success. You have made the move into your serviced office, and are now looking to set a scene that represents the business. Having your office reflect your company's culture will keep the energy strong, and help working minds to stay focused. Most serviced offices are turnkey solutions that are ready to do business, but are intentionally neutrally furnished. Here are some ways you can bring a bit of charm and personality to your serviced office.

Incorporate Colour and Imagery Into the Space

Serviced offices may be set up and ready for operation, but branding a space is an important step to ensure it properly reflects your business image. Incorporate your company colours into cushions, flowers and other décor items to add colour to the space. Getting visual pieces on the wall will give the space definition. Enlarged graphics and text can be framed and hung in your office to brand the space as your own. Choose art and graphics that represent your company's culture. In today's business world, screens are everywhere. Computers, tablets, televisions and even projectors are commonplace in most office buildings, and can be used to display all types of media. Use them to showcase content relevant to your business.

Keep Minds Focused and Material Relevant

The books and literature provided in your office space should be a direct reflection of your market and industry. This way, clients and employees will be able to keep their minds on the matter at hand - your business. Marketing materials such as business cards and brochures should be out in the open. This way they can be easily seen, and will help brand your space. Promotional items are great for getting your brand out to the public, but can also be useful at the office. Having mugs, pens, notepads, or mouse pads appropriately printed can be a fun way to share your company's culture throughout the office.

Set the Tone and Feel the Beat

There is a song for every mood, and music for every culture. Low playing music is a great way to keep the vibe alive at the office, and to set the tone in a room. Compile a play list that everyone in the office can jive to, and keep the energy flowing. Although it is not always acceptable to have music playing, sometimes it is just the thing to keep spirits up. More people are using headphones at work, but encouraging everyone to listen to the same thing can help a group to stay connected and maintain focus.

Every business’ office should be a reflection of its culture. Colourful décor, branded promotional materials and low-playing music are great ways to keep your team focused on your company’s values and culture. One of the great benefits of a serviced office is the ability to move on when the time comes to expand. If you feel your young business is outgrowing its current office space, visit ServicedOfficesMayfair.com to search for your new home. We can find the perfect serviced office to fit your business' needs, at any stage of development.

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A street in London that is traditionally known for its profusion of tailoring shops for men, Savile Row has been around since the 18th century as one of London's most famous shopping destinations. If you're planning on renting one of the serviced offices near this street, here are a few reasons it's a great place to set up shop.

A Fine Selection of Restaurants, Drinking Establishments, and Hotels

Located close to many of London's favourite hotels and attractions, this area is full of places to enjoy some of the best meals the city has to offer or impress some up-and-coming clients. You may want to visit Nobu on Berkeley Street for some of the best Japanese cuisine in the city or C London for a classic Italian meal not to be missed. As Savile Row is also home to a number of fine drinking establishments, you can take your co-workers to The Punch Bowl for after-work drinks or head to Polo Bar or The Loop for some cocktails your clients will love. Savile Row is also located close to many of London's finest hotels including The May Fair, Le Meridien Piccadilly, and even The Ritz London.

A Profusion of Local Parks and Attractions

If you're having a busy day, Savile Row is located in the centre of it all and is close to many of London's favourite parks, where you can brush the dust off. If you're looking for a lunch time jaunt, you may want to head to Hyde Park, London's largest park, which is about a 15-minutes walk. Green Park, Berkeley Square, and Grosvenor Square Garden are also close by if you just want to enjoy a beautiful day. On the other hand, if you're looking to be in the centre of the excitement of this bustling city, take a five-minute walk to Oxford Street or Regent Street for some of the best shopping the United Kingdom has to offer.

Easy Access to Transportation

As the street of Savile Row is located in the centre of bustling London, there are many transportation options for employees and clients alike. Located between Conduit Street in the north and Vigo Street in the south, Savile Row is just fifteen minutes from several Underground stations, including Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Green Park. Whether you are heading out of the city or you have clients coming in from out of town, the London Charing Cross rail station has access to Gatwick Airport and is five minutes by car. As the area is close to Oxford and Regent Streets, there are also a wide variety of bus routes that make frequent stops in the local area and travel throughout the city.

With plenty of amenities available nearby, Savile Row is an ideal destination in central London for the location of your next serviced office. If you're looking for more information about virtual offices in the Mayfair area, visit us today at www.servicedofficesmayfair.com to get started.

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Paddington could be considered the best London district for entrepreneurial business networking and start-up conventions. It also represents a huge opportunity to make a great impression. As a host, you may find yourself in the position of booking a hotel for your clients or other visitors. In Paddington, the difficulty will not be in finding a place, but in narrowing down your options to pick the perfect location on a realistic budget. To that end, we've compiled a list of great hotels in Paddington for visiting partners and clients.

Hotel Indigo Combines Chic Design With Sophistication

Hotel Indigo's slogan is “Larger Than Life,” and that description fits it well. It's not often that you find a 4-star hotel with big-city amenities and luxury hiding behind the unassuming facade of a traditional brick patio. That's because one of the hotel's most notable features is its popular restaurant bar and London Street Brasseries. Between the two, you can enjoy a huge array of classic and exotic cocktails, great wines and local beers, traditional British cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and much more, anytime between 7 am and 11 pm. Hotel Indigo also includes a beautiful open terrace, a lounge serving fresh brewed coffee and pastries, a 24-hour fitness centre, and valet parking. It's all located just two blocks from the Paddington tube station and 15 minutes from the airport via the Heathrow Express. Rooms start at around £180 and include in-room safes, free Wi-Fi, newspapers, soft drinks, and two-line phones with voicemail, as well as Satellite TV.

The Landmark Hotel in London Is Destined to Impress

It's almost a mile from Paddington Station, but there's simply no comparing to the luxurious grandeur of the Landmark Hotel if you can afford it. And with the London Underground, nothing is too far away This 5-star wonder includes tastefully integrated modern conveniences throughout its plentiful, gorgeous Victorian flourishes. The entire hotel is housed in a beautiful 19th century building and includes one of the most beautiful atrium dining environments in the whole city. It also includes a luxury spa, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, private parking, and much more. The rooms—ranging in size from roughly 400 to 650 square feet—include beautiful décor, free Wi-Fi, and flat screen TVs. You can expect to pay over £200 a night per client, but if you can afford the luxury, there's simply no comparing to the value and sheer wow factor offered by this classic marvel.

Tune Hotel Offers Clean, Modern Convenience on a Budget

Even if you can't afford to impress your clients at the swanky Landmark Hotel, you can at least avoid embarrassment by booking them a quality budget option like the Tune Hotel Paddington. Located about 5 blocks from Paddington Station on the A4205, the Tune offers standard conveniences in a tidy, clean package with lots of highly accessible, bright rooms starting at around £65. It might not be the flashiest hotel around, but you could do a lot worse if it's all that's in your budget.

Defined by the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel-designed railway station of the mid 1800s, Paddington is as rich with history and character as with modern amenities and amazing convenience. Aside from the Heathrow Express linking to the nearby Heathrow Airport, the Tube connects visitors with every other neighbourhood and major institution in London. That means it's not only a fantastic location for serviced offices, it's also a prime location for hosting visitors on important business. If you haven't already secured a virtual office, check out ServicedOfficesMayfair.com to rent one now!

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For a new or growing business, the struggle of finding suitable office space can be a challenge, especially in a large and busy market like London, England. Instead of focusing on your actual business and its customers, you'll be forced to take on all the added stress that comes with trying to find a suitable place to house your operations. There are a variety of great serviced office locations across London, and those in Chelsea provide a number of benefits to growing businesses. Here are four major benefits you’ll experience when you establish your business in a Chelsea serviced office.

Position Yourself at the Heart of London’s Top Neighbourhood

London is a city of iconic locations, with Chelsea being among its wealthier and commercially active neighbourhoods. From its view of the River Thames to its old fashioned architecture and the shops and boutiques lining its streets, the area is known for its ability to integrate old world charm with modern day commerce. Over the last few years in particular, a steady number of big businesses and well known brands have been setting up shop – and thriving - within the neighbourhood. This success has helped place Chelsea high on the list of the city's most affluent areas.

Take Advantage of Chelsea's Extensive Transportation System

Aside from the area's impressive history and modern day economic activity, Chelsea also has very practical advantages over other parts of the city. One such advantage is its ability to link, via the city's transit system, to almost any other part of London. The available methods of transport in the area include the London Underground, along with standard buses routes through the streets - of which there are exactly 15 different lines to take you wherever you need to go. There are even private shuttles available to provide transport to and from the city's airport.

Chelsea Serviced Offices Give Your Business a Professional Image

Establishing an office in the Chelsea area will put your business in a growing commercial sector. Doing so will enable you to not only ride that growth but also become one of many the driving forces behind it. By becoming part of such a commercially active hub, your business can, by association, solidify its professional image by showing that it seeks out the environments where the potential for success is the greatest. Chelsea is one such environment--its modern day revival over the last several years, consisting of an influx of both residents and businesses, has proven that.

Find Opportunities to Relax Once the Workday is Out

In Chelsea, there are many ways to unwind after a long day at the office. Included among these is The Royal Hospital, a historic building which has within its walls a museum, souvenir store, chapel, and the well-known great hall. In addition, there is also the local Chelsea Physic Garden, which can provide spots to relax amid open spaces and footpaths that thread between diverse varieties of plant life. Or, to enjoy a little fine dining, there are many different restaurants in the area that offer up some of the finest British cuisine, as well as top dishes from around the world. Having an office in close proximity to such a cultured area only makes sense for the sake of convenience whenever you need to take a deep breath after the day's work is done. These local amenities also make it easy to entertain important clients or celebrate major milestones with your team.

If you’re expanding your business in London, Chelsea is a neighbourhood that can provide a more professional environment for your new serviced offices. The area offers no shortage of things to see and do, all while providing quick and easy access to other major sections of the city. If you believe Chelsea could be your business’ new home, visit us at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com and find out more about potential serviced offices in Chelsea and other locations all across London. We'll help you find the exact spot that is best for your business.

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If you're lucky enough to have access to a virtual office in Canary Wharf, London, you will be familiar with many restaurants, hotels, and other amenities in the area. You may also be familiar with using the location as a prime spot to host business partners while you discuss contract terms or work on collaborative projects. But where do you go when an unexpected meeting crops up and you need to find a quick way to sweeten the deal for a prospective client or partner? There are many places to buy great corporate gifts in Canary Wharf if you know where to look.

Montblanc Defines Executive Luxury With Hundreds of Exclusive, High Quality Gifts

There's no better way to butter up a business partner than with a genuine, beautiful, executive gift that reflects its English origins in stunning modern design. Everything you'll find in the Montblanc boutique at Canada Place in Canary Wharf meets that description. Master craftsmanship is evident in Montblanc's diverse line-up of products, ranging from executive writing instruments and accessories to jewelled watches and eyewear, leather belts, purses, and much more. The store is every bit as classy as the wares inside. If you have the cash, Montblanc should be your first destination when shopping for executive gifts in Canary Wharf.

Mirror Offers Has Classic Ornaments, Décor, and Office Accessories for Any Budget

It may not seem like the most obvious location to find executive gifts, since Mirror Offers is best known for home furnishings, but you might be surprised by the range and quality of content in their Canada Place store. For business shoppers on a low-to-mid budget, the classical sophistication of the trinkets, figurines, ornaments, desk accessories, photo frames, and other goods will create a great impression without busting the bank. Since Mirror Offers does most of its business online, you can also browse their whole inventory to see if it suits your needs before heading out to their Canary Wharf location.

Scribbler Cards in Canary Wharf Merges Quirky With Classy

Need a card to go with that? Or want a more personal, quirky gift for a funny bone-equipped client that you already have a great working relationship with? Check out Scribbler Cards at Canada Square (Concourse Level), which sells over three dozen premium and exclusive card ranges, as well as hilarious lunch boxes, bobble-heads, and other fun gifts. The store has great customer service, as evidenced by rave reviews. Another bonus: You can browse their huge selection of cards online before stopping in. If you want to help out your visitor with London maps and guidebooks, you can pick those up at Scribbler too.

As you can see, finding an executive gift in Canary Wharf should be a pinch; Canada Place has a range of sources for gifts on all budgets, and it's only a few blocks from the best serviced offices in the area. If your serviced office isn't one of those listed at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com, you may want to check them out to compare features, services, and price. Upgrading to a better virtual office—or securing your first serviced office in Canary Wharf—could be your own best executive gift to yourself.

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Just as important as the physical space of your serviced office are the employees who will be stationed there. You have to keep in mind that like any other transition, the new employees coming to join your serviced office may feel slightly overwhelmed by their unfamiliar surroundings, including not only the office layout itself but maybe even the surrounding area of the city that it's positioned in. Therefore, it's generally a good idea to take proactive steps in order to help these new employees settle in to their brand new work environment. The faster they become comfortable and feel at home, the better your business will operate. Here are a few tips for helping your new employees feel comfortable in their new home.

Offer a Comprehensive Tour of the Office and Building

An easy way to help your newest employees feel accustomed your serviced office is to offer a fully guided tour of the premises, either before their official start date or on the morning of their first day. This way you will have the chance to familiarize them with their new office setting and the different key features it provides. Show them as much as you can, including things like the location of their personal workspace, restrooms, conference/meeting rooms, break rooms, and any other spots that are relevant to your particular serviced office. If your offices are situated in a much larger complex, offer something similar for the building itself in case it offers facilities or services that your employees could use before or after work, or during their breaks.

Train New Employees Who Unfamiliar with Your Technology

Just as you must make your new employees feel comfortable in their new space, you also have to ensure that they feel confident in using the various technologies that make your office run. For some of your new employees, depending upon where they worked previously, they may or may not be familiar with the various technology infrastructures around your office such as the phone systems, videoconference calling systems, copiers, and any other technology unique to your particular location. Even if it's just a slight hardware or software change from what they are used to, a quick rundown of any potential systems they are unfamiliar with can make a world of difference when it comes to their immediate productivity and performance.

Provide an Informative Brochure About Your Office's Location

This is a fantastic way to help your new employees settle in to their position at your serviced office. Providing them with a brochure about the surrounding area will familiarize them with a location that perhaps they know either very little or absolutely nothing about. Be sure to include in the brochure all the various locations that might be of use to your new employees at some point throughout their workday, whether on their lunch break, or after the day itself is finished. Include spots like restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, parks and recreational complexes, and nearby public transit stations. All of this will go a long way in making an unfamiliar neighbourhood feel like home to your new employees, and in the end that will improve office morale.

It's certainly a challenge to settle new employees into your serviced office, but the above strategies should help in making their transition as smooth as possible. This way you'll be able to foster a sense of normalcy for your new employees, which is a crucial component of having them fully integrate themselves into your business's team. To learn more about serviced offices and the potential locations that are available, feel free to visit us at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com. There you'll be able to find everything you need to know about renting a serviced office in the London area, along with how we can help you find your ideal location.

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Paying for full-time office space may simply be considered the "cost of doing business," however you can control these costs with the use of a serviced offices London space. This is even more essential for freelancers who can profit from the use of a professional space, but who don't wish to budget for a long-term lease. Users enjoy the advantage of using a professional location and address for their business activities, but without incurring the same costs associated with a traditional office space.

Price Points are Incredibly Attractive

When you only use the office when you need it, you only pay for the time that you occupy it. This is made easier and more cost effective with the use of a virtual receptionist and mail service, for example. This way, you pay a single fee to establish the face of your business, without the need to pay employee benefits, bonuses, insurance, HR hiring teams, etc. For one low price, you get what amounts to perfect employees: those who are never sick, won't retire, will never resign and are always on hand.

Establish Your Company's Credibility

With a legitimate business address, your clients are aware of your presence in a prestigious location and therefore the credibility of your professionalism. Freelancers have the burden of proving themselves and their worth to potential clients, which is why so much work is done to establish credibility. In some cases, clients may not even be aware that you are operating out of a satellite office.

An Ideal Location for Networking Events and Parties

One of the benefits of having a permanent office space is being able to host networking events and parties. In order to connect with the industry, freelancers profit from these face-to-face events. This benefit still remains in effect when using a satellite office. With proper planning, your location can be made available so you don't miss out on connecting with your community through social functions like throwing a holiday party or hosting talks and seminars.

Freelancers Can Become More Productive

Many freelancers spend their time hunched over their home desk or in a cafe somewhere. And while the benefits of having a flexible work schedule and environment are perfect for the work-life balance, there is something to be said for stepping into a productive office space. This becomes truer when working with a group of individuals who require motivation to create teams and develop creative ideas. As well, the other freelancers and companies that operate from within your collectively shared virtual office building can become network resources for information and talent. Even though you're a part-time office dweller, the building itself acts as a hub of creative activity, which can not only establish your company's presence among other like-minded companies, but also influence you and your staff to become more productive as well.

In the end, the bottom line makes renting space the more attractive decision for freelancers, sole traders and startup businesses. To see the locations of serviced offices in London and to learn more about the services and benefits of running a satellite location, visit http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com today. Discover what renting a serviced office can do for your company's bottom line, and how it can help you connect with other professionals who are seeking the same cost-efficient outcome as you.
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