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For those looking to do business, Mayfair could be the most convenient district in central London. Mayfair is a bustling commercial centre surrounded by upscale dining and marketplaces. But every major commercial centre has its caveats, whether that's high rent for nothing more than an attractive space or out-dated facilities.

Serviced Offices Mayfair manages a variety of offices in and around Mayfair that are fully equipped to ensure that everyday business goes on without hassle. Each building takes advantage of surrounding shopping and restaurants, and many provide twenty-four hour building access. To provide a sense of what we can offer, here is a small selection of our available properties and a small description of the many services we offer.

Headed to London on Business? Consider These Serviced Offices in the Mayfair Area

A Heritage Property in Walking Distance of Hyde Park

We have property only a step away from Hyde Park. The property offers full reception services and excellent meeting spaces. Its age only adds to its charm.

Twenty-Four Hour Access at Hanover Square

The Hanover Square property, and many of our other locations, include building access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This location has been completely refurbished to ensure that businesses can be managed without compromise. The space is available twenty-four hours a day, with virtual office space opportunities. Best of all, the property is located at Hanover Square, with easy access to banking, transportation, and invaluable restaurants and hotels.

Work on Piccadilly for Easy Access to Everything

Consider an office that neighbours Green Park, Heathrow Airport, and all of the major rail stations. The suites are comfortable and spacious, and many have a heritage feel.

Work in a Beautiful Space on Brook Street

This building has a more contemporary feel to it. It sits near Grosvenor Square and the Grosvenor Square Garden.

Work Chic on Clifford Street

The Clifford Street property features, like many of our properties, a smart, minimal interior. The Clifford Street property is immediately surrounded by a number of art galleries. It is a short walk away from the luxurious Polo Bar and major transportation links.

Work, Eat, and Exercise at Berkeley Square

The eastern side of the square offers an elegant view of the neighbourhood. There are on-site lounge areas, a café restaurant, and a gymnasium. A walk through the square leads to the many prestigious restaurants and amenities around Berkeley Square.

Sit Between St. James Square and Green Park on King Street

Here, we have facilities with disability access, breakout areas, and close access to the Green Park, Piccadilly Circus tube stations and the Charing Cross mainline, as well as St. James Square and the London Library.

In addition to these locations, Serviced Offices Mayfair manages offices in the west end of the City of London as well as other spaces in Mayfair. Please consider viewing our listings at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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The flexibility and affordability of serviced offices means that London's venerable old bastions—banks, investment firms and department stores—are making room for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to find their niche in prestigious neighbourhoods. For staff and managers who find themselves stationed near Piccadilly, here's a list of three high-end watering holes that make great meeting spots for clients and colleagues.

3 Luxurious Options for Hosting After-Work Drinks Near Our Piccadilly Serviced Offices

Berry Bar, Hilton Green Hotel

The Mayfair district is contained by Park Lane and Hyde Park, with Oxford Street to the north. An address in Mayfair conveys prestige, and the amenities that go along with a well-heeled clientele are rather fine. Piccadilly is home to head offices of major corporations, hedge funds, and embassies, and boasts some of London's finest hotels, including Claridges and the Dorchester. Though the district has a pedigree, it isn't exclusive, with many venues offering the after-work crowd myriad, tantalizing ways to unwind. For a relaxed lounge type of feel, the Berry Bar in the Hilton Green Hotel offers a combination of elegance and tranquillity. Specializing in gin (the juniper delight), the menu features a range of gin and tonics along with the quintessentially English Earl Grey martini. Quiet and laid back, the Berry Bar is an excellent spot to enjoy a drink or two, and offers a snack menu put together with elan and creativity by chef Lalit Bisht.

The 1707 at Fornum & Mason

If before-dinner drinks are in order, try the 1707 wine bar in the iconic Fortnum & Mason department store on Piccadilly. Patrons can select from hundreds of wines from the store's Wine Department, or sample an array of superb wines by the glass. Neither hipster nor trendy, the bar is perfect place to bridge cultural gaps over a glass of red, while taking in the polite society who converge for an early evening sip. Having taken care of the all-important first impression and hosted meetings and conferences in a serviced office environment, parties can afterwards explore the stylish offerings in this upmarket wine bar.

Bar 45, A Cut Above

Dressed to impress? Want to be in the absolute epicentre of London's elite? Then a visit to Bar 45 won't disappoint. Situated above the famous Wolfgang Puck's Cut restaurant, the exquisite interior boasts contemporary art by modern British masters while the cocktail menu features signature cocktails such as the Crouching Tiger (Jasmine Flower Green Tea Infused Vodka and Lemon Juice), Pepino's Revenge (Tequila, Japanese Cucumber, Fresh Basil, and Lime), served along with full complement of single malts and cognacs. You can also order “rough cuts” off the Wolfgang Puck menu to extend your happy hour into the night.

As more entrepreneurs are running businesses that need spillover space, or the flexibility to accommodate a shifting workforce, the serviced office model is bringing an influx of professionals and their clientele to refresh and revitalize the central business district. A banquet of phenomenal dining and entertainment options offers another perk for businesses making use of serviced offices in the district. If you can picture yourself here, visit ServicedOfficesMayfair.com today.

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Most entrepreneurs are dedicated to what they are doing and driven to do even more. With New Year's coming up, now is the perfect time to reflect on your business goals and develop a strategy to drive growth. Here are some resolutions you can make that will turn your business into a more efficient operation and help it to grow.

Entrepreneurs: Commit to These New Year’s Resolutions and Watch Your Business Grow

Don't Just Do It All: Delegate!

You didn't become an entrepreneur because you were shy of long workdays. You pride yourself on your work ethic and your ability to multitask and juggle many concurrent projects. However, it’s not always necessary for you to be taking point on every task. Train your staff to upgrade their skills and carry out more complex tasks. Hire an assistant to deal with administrative duties, and promote staffers who have shown themselves to be self-starters capable of increased responsibility. These actions will free up your time to concentrate on your areas of expertise, meaning you can accomplish more in a shorter timeframe.

You probably already delegate some duties, such as payroll administration or data entry. Having a distributed network of people you can rely on shifts the emphasis from daily tasks to looking at the big picture, freeing up your time not just to run your business, but also to ramp it up to the next level.

Outsourcing: Where to Begin?

"Most entrepreneurs have great talents but many times they think they can do it all," says Laura Lee Sparks, owner of Legal Marketing Maven. "That can really stall the growth of the business. By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income."

With the surge in popularity of freelancing, it's much easier to find a qualified professional to take on some higher-level duties that may not be your strong suit. Outsource highly repetitive tasks such as website and social media management. Instead of spending your time posting on social media and uploading web content, for instance, hire a content manager who works remotely, so you can focus on developing a broader online marketing strategy and doing the higher-level communication (such as writing, video production, and delivery of webinars) that will boost both the quality and reach of your brand.

Sparks adds, "Freelancers come on board as subcontractors and save the small business owner the burden associated with expenses such as health insurance and worker's compensation, as well as the space constrictions that growing a company in-house can present."

Ramp up Your Prestige Factor, Lower Your Overhead

Make your surroundings as impressive as the work you do. Although you can, and possibly even do, produce brilliant reports, proposals, and materials for clients from the comfort of your lounger at home, having a storefront for your business is critical for that all-important first impression. Giving clients the sense that you are located in the epicentre of the business world makes you look connected, savvy, and, of course, professional. If your business plan doesn't allow you to take on a full-time lease, the serviced office model can work well as you grow. Service offices will give you a prestigious address and allow you access to prime office space in the business district where your clients will expect you to be, without having to carry the overhead of a receptionist or full-time, long-term office lease. For information about serviced offices in the London area, or to learn how you can get started, visit us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/.

As more and more entrepreneurs are discovering, traditional business models that plant the firm in a single geographical location are giving way. Nowadays, entrepreneurs who outsource and network their projects are able to free up their time to dedicate to what they got into business to do in the first place. Planning on delegating tasks by training staff and outsourcing to subcontractors are good New Years resolutions for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses. Having a proper business address can act to bolster your firm's reputation and lend your enterprise the credibility you need to snag higher end clients. Resolve to tackle these three things so you can accomplish more work and focus on expanding your business.

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Sometimes less is more. This old saying still rings true, especially when it comes to choosing an office space for your tech startup company in London. With office rents being exorbitantly high in the city, choosing serviced offices over a traditional office - and sharing space with other entrepreneurs - may be a "make-it or break-it" decision when it comes to the future success of your startup. If you don’t need a large space, opting for a serviced office over a traditional office could potentially save you thousands of dollars. But how can you, as an entrepreneur, lead your startup from a serviced office?

London Tech Entrepreneurs: Tips for Leading Your Startup from a Serviced Office

Reap the Benefits of the Atmosphere

If you opt for a serviced office for your startup, you know immediately that the space is limited. Having an actual place to conduct your business, however, has its many benefits, some of which include getting you - as the entrepreneur - and your closest team members into the frame of mind to be productive as well as offering an atmosphere that promotes productivity. With other entrepreneurs buzzing about you in the office getting their work done, it is easy to feel motivated yourself. Having a serviced office, which commonly offers meeting or conference rooms, means having the ability to conduct interviews in-house for building a virtual team.

Create and Manage a Virtual Team

Once you decide which team members will be sharing your serviced office with you - perhaps just you and your partner - you can start to build a virtual team. Hiring other like-minded individuals who have worked on a remote basis for a virtual office before is a great idea. You can use online project management software to help manage your team's progress, and hold regular team meetings at the conference or meeting room offered at your serviced office to help ensure everyone is on the same page and on track. If your serviced office doesn't offer a conference room, there are many available in London that you can rent by the hour, half day, or full day, in which you can also conduct training sessions for your team. These rentable conference rooms generally have an internet connection as well as refreshments.

Keep Open Lines of Communication

With a serviced office, you also get the benefit of having an actual business address, to which others can direct mail and share contact details with you. You can customize your business' virtual office structure by hiring a virtual assistant to help with online tasks on a remote basis, as well as a virtual receptionist or a call centre to handle incoming calls and ensure that the communication lines are always open. Communication with your team, especially with your remote freelancers, is particularly important when it comes to running your startup from a serviced office.

With endless opportunities to save money and network with other entrepreneurs, starting your company from a serviced office has a long list of benefits. Before choosing from the list of serviced offices in your area, however, it is important to make sure that they offer the services your company requires. Once you settle in, there's only one thing left to do: work hard!

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As a small business owner, maximizing your money while expanding your customer base can be very important to the success of your business. If you've recently heard about serviced offices and you're wondering what they can do for you, here are a few things that you can expect from this type of business setting.

Curious About Serviced Offices? What to Expect From Your Serviced Office Experience

A Flexible, Financially Viable Workspace

As a method for saving money before your business has the capital and staff to move into a larger, more permanent office, a serviced office can be a bridge between a virtual and a standard office. Since many serviced offices offer a short-term contract, you have the option to stay for the length of time until your company needs to expand into a larger space without having the obligation of staying around for another year or more to fulfill the usual longer-term contract. While you'll still have employees to deal with client concerns and phone calls, you'll be able to avoid paying for all of the office space and overhead that can be involved in a proper rental property, and instead you can use the additional money for something more important.

A Professional Office That Looks the Part

While a virtual office can help you take the next step into business by having an assistant who can field many phone calls and emails for you, a serviced office will help attain the professional image that you might be hoping your business will give off. As a professional appearance is very important for giving your clients the right impression, a fully furnished serviced office in a prestigious building makes you look like you're already in possession of the kind of business success you want. Since you'll likely have your office in a centrally located building, your landlords will even take care of building maintenance for you, which makes for one less office expense! With customers coming to visit your office, a serviced location will give them the impression of a business that is both professionally managed and stable.

A Business With the Ability to Boom!

More than anyone else, the small business owner knows how important it is to save dollars and cents, and must be very aware of the value of money in order to succeed at their profession. In the time before the stability of your business is developed, effective use of your capital is paramount and a serviced office is a great way to save money while essentially investing in your business. As you won't have to spend on long-term contracts or office maintenance, a serviced office also allows your business room to grow so you won't have to spend additional funds on excess office space before it's required.

If you're a business owner who is thinking about a serviced office, you may want to visit us today at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com for more information. As an optimal way to bolster your business and save significantly on cost, a serviced office can be among your best office options as a business owner.

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Serviced offices are non-traditional office spaces that are quickly becoming very popular. These types of offices are ideal for people who feel constrained by the limitations of going to work in a traditional, physical office. Serviced offices will save money when compared to the costs of a traditional office setup. In addition, virtual office services available in these serviced offices can make it easy to work from home, which means that people who work in these offices can save the environment by cutting down on their commutes. Here are four very good reasons to consider our serviced office options for your business.

Hill Street Serviced Offices: Four Reasons to Consider Our Serviced Office Options

Serviced Offices Offer Unbeatable Amenities

The largest advantage of Hill Street serviced offices is the vast array of great office amenities available at these locations. For starters, these offices feature fully furnished areas that create a comfortable working environment. Hot desking features are also included in the package, as are lounge areas for informal meetings and for more casual places to take a break. Videoconferencing facilities and meeting rooms are included to help make a workday as efficient as possible.

There Are Great Reception Services

An integral part of any office environment anywhere is the reception desk. Hill Street serviced offices include a plethora of reception amenities that will turn any office environment into a finely tuned operation. Typical office packages will include manned reception, as well as administrative support, which is essential to any well-functioning office space. Telephone answering and email forwarding services round out the list of great reception services at Hill Street.

IT and Communications Features

Any good office these days just can't survive without a generous supply of communications and IT features. Hill Street offices come with some of the most thorough communications and IT equipment that one will find anywhere. For starters, Hill Street offices come with broadband access, which is an absolute must in the business world today. They also feature cabling and telephone systems, so that one can be sure to always receive all his most important calls.

There Are Practical Amenities

Rounding out the list of good features at Hill Street serviced offices is the collection of amenities available at the site. Good office environments are characterized by great amenities available at the site. Hill Street offers its tenants convenient 24-hour access to the property – great for those who keep unconventional hours or just need to work the occasional late night. Lifts are also available to all tenants, and air conditioning is a welcome amenity all year round. Finally, onsite vehicle parking is also provided by Hill Street.

These are the four best reasons to consider serviced offices options at Hill Street. Whether one wants the latest IT equipment or simply office suites that are fully furnished, this location has it all and more. To learn more about the availability of virtual offices in the area, visit us today at ServicedOfficesMayfair.com. There is a wide selection of serviced office solutions that will suit any business owner or freelancer seeking a non-traditional office space in London.

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If you work in serviced offices in London's Chelsea district, you might be considering dinner options in the area for you to entertain your clients. If you're looking for some of Chelsea's best dinner spots to impress your guests, you may want to make a reservation at one of these fine establishments.

Hosting Clients at Our Chelsea Serviced Offices? Try These Excellent Dinner Spots

The Classics of French Cooking at Racine Restaurant

Under the helm of chef Henry Harris, who opened Racine more than ten years ago, this restaurant has won many awards for its fine French cuisine since its inception in 2002. Inspired by the traditions of French cooking, Racine is one of the neighbourhood's best restaurants and utilizes locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to prepare a sizeable menu with items like grilled rabbit with mustard sauce and smoked bacon, hot foie gras on toast and grilled veal loin chop with Roquefort and walnut butter. Featuring a well-chosen wine list with some European and French favourites, Racine is the perfect place for an upscale lunch in the heart of Chelsea.

Hosting Clients at Our Chelsea Serviced Offices? Try These Excellent Dinner Spots

A World Class Dining Experience at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Opened in 1998 by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this restaurant is one of the city's best and has consistently maintained the three Michelin stars it initially earned in 2001, only three years after it first opened. Headed by Chef Patron Clare Smyth since 2008, this 45-seat restaurant is an intimate and stylish setting that is a great addition the remarkable food and excellent service contained within. Utilizing the best in seasonal ingredients and modern cooking techniques, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay features a variety of specialty menus that include iconic dishes like confit pork belly with carrot puree, liquorice and anise as well as warm heritage potato salad with baked vacherin, grain mustard and pickles. As one of London and Chelsea's most revered restaurants, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the ideal place to bring your most discerning clients for a meal they won't soon be able to forget.

Hosting Clients at Our Chelsea Serviced Offices? Try These Excellent Dinner Spots

Modern British Comfort at Tom's Kitchen

One of Britain's most revered chefs, Tom Aikens opened his first restaurant in 2003, to widespread acclaim. It wasn't until 2006 that Tom's Kitchen opened in the Chelsea area. Tom’s Kitchen embodies the principles of using ethically sourced and local ingredients and the ethos of sustainability for its supply of food products. Featuring the best of British comfort foods with items like the grilled steak sandwich and beer battered Pollock and chips, Tom's Kitchen is a great place for an upscale meal with a casual feel that sticks to its environmentally friendly philosophy. The perfect place for an impressive lunch, Tom's Kitchen is among the finest restaurants that the city has to offer for a unique dining experience.

With many fine restaurant offerings in the Chelsea area, there are plenty of places to take your clients for a special lunch that will be sure to impress. If you're looking for more information about serviced office in London's Chelsea area, be sure to visit us today at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/office-space/Chelsea.

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While a serviced office in London's Mayfair area can be a great location in which to work, there can still be a certain degree of boredom – as there is in any job. If you're looking for some ways to keep yourself enthused and stave off monotony, here are three things that might help you get through the day.

Working from a Mayfair Serviced Office? Three Ways to Stave off Workplace Monotony

Work a Short Nap into Your Schedule

While it might not be so popular with the boss if you run off at odd intervals during the day in favour of a nap, it is something you can fit into your lunch hour or your break that can assist you in staying on task. You don't need a full hour – and in fact, you will likely find that setting aside 20 or 30 minutes for a snooze each day will go a long way to keeping you energized. From increased alertness to improved performance to a better all around mood, a short nap during the workday can re-motivate you and inject some enthusiasm into your daily to-do list!

Get Out for Some Fresh Air

As being in the same space all of the time and being in the midst of your routine can lead to boredom more than anything else, if you're in the centre of Mayfair with all of the action and green space, you might want to think about getting out for a short walk. It doesn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes to go around the block for an afternoon stroll, breathe in some fresh air and see the local sights. With parks like Berkeley Square, Grosvenor Square Garden, Green Park and London's famous Hyde Park nearby, there's no shortage of places to catch the breeze. You might find it even more energizing to walk at a quicker pace or try out some noontime stretches!

Pay Attention to What You Eat

With an office environment often comes the temptation of unhealthy foods like donuts and muffins that people bring in to share. While these foods can be more comforting when you're stressed out and overworked, they're going to make you feel worse in the long run. As sugary foods or those high in carbohydrates can lead to spikes in energy followed by fatigue, choosing to consume foods like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins can give you the energy you need to get through the day. While you probably won't be able to say no to bad foods all of the time, watching what you eat will definitely help you feel more energetic on a daily basis. If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, can also inject a bit of caffeine into your day for an extra kick!

While a job in a serviced office can come with the same issues as any other job, there are easy ways to kick workplace boredom to the curb and stay interested. For more information about serviced offices in the Mayfair area where you can set up your small business, contact us at http://www.servicedofficesmayfair.com/ and find your business’ new home.
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