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Virtual offices are a great alternative to traditional offices. The virtual office has been gaining in popularity in the past several years, mainly because business owners and freelancers have discovered its many benefits. Serviced offices like these are great at helping company owners cut costs and manage their workforce more effectively. When you are talking about serviced or virtual offices, there are essential amenities that you just can't do without if you want top performance from employees. Serviced Offices Mayfair understands what amenities you are searching for. Here are the three essential amenities that you will find in all of our serviced offices.

Office-Facility Amenities

Amenities that can be grouped into this category are ones that help with the actual administration and performance in the virtual office itself. Our serviced offices can include highly useful amenities such as hot desking and fully furnished office spaces, which is a great help when entertaining clients and partners. Of course, things like meeting rooms and lounge areas are also provided, both of which are essential to hosting large groups. Security is always a high priority on anyone's mind, which is why our serviced offices also come with CCTV and alarm security, so that clients' most important possessions are never unaccounted for.

Transportation Amenities

Our serviced offices are located in London's Mayfair area, which is extremely busy, but also extremely well connected as far as public transportation goes. It is, after all, a hub that's located right within central London, so the transit system is very reliable. As far as our serviced offices here are concerned, they are never far away from tube or train stations. For instance, tube stations such as Hyde Park Corner, Bond Street and Green Park are just a walking distance away from our offices, as are train stations like Marylebone London, Charing Cross London and Victoria London. For anyone who works in a huge city like London, good public transportation will always be a nice amenity to have.

Technology Amenities

Another essential category of amenities at our office locations include technology amenities. You can't operate a modern office these days without the latest in technological tools. At our virtual offices, we provide clients with broadband access - no one wants to wait forever for a dial-up modem to connect! In addition, we also provide all of our clients with IT support right onsite, cabling, all the Wi-Fi they could want or need and telephone systems galore. Our clients can be assured that they will always have the best technology at their disposal at our offices.

These are the three essential amenities that you will discover in all of our serviced offices. They are chock full of amenities because we understand that our clients' businesses depend on having all the latest at their disposal. We at Serviced Offices Mayfair understand that providing all of our clients with a great environment from which to conduct their business operations is key to their success, both in the short term and the long run.

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The affluent inner city district of Marylebone is home to a number of great office locations. Once the site of Marylebone Gardens where 18th Century Londoners would take part in vicious sports such as bear baiting and prize fighting, today Marylebone is a wealthy residential and commercial district that is also home to a large number of doctors and dentists' offices. If you're a freelancer in the area, a Marylebone serviced office may be the perfect solution for all your business needs. Here are just a few of the serviced offices that we offer.

Classic Charm and Full Amenities on Harley Street

Most of the medical practitioners in the area are concentrated around Harley Street. If you're a freelancer in the medical industry, you'll love your new home in one of our Harley Street serviced offices. These offices are located in an historic building that overlooks Cavendish Square Gardens. Inside, you'll have access to support staff for reception, administration, and telephone answering duties. Offices come fully furnished and offer access to meeting rooms. This building is great for workers on the go, as it offers unbranded office space and virtual offices. In addition, offices in this building come ready to use with broadband access, cabling, and access to an in-house telephone system. You'll also get 24-hour access to the building, so you can come in to work any time of the day or night.

Recently Refurbished Offices in an Updated Robert Adam Street Building

You'll find this modern office building at the centre of Marylebone on Robert Adam Street, in close proximity to several amenities such as shops, restaurants, hotels and bars. With an office in this building, you'll be able to take advantage of our manned reception services, and you will have access to meeting facilities. This is a great building for commuters, as it is located within only a few minutes' walking distance of a number of underground stations including Wapping, Marble Arch and Bond Street. This building is also great for businesses with increased security concerns, as it provides both alarm security and CCTV services. The suites here have been recently refurbished to a grade A standard, and the building has plenty of modern appeal, which makes this building is a great place for impressing visitors, or simply working in a comfortable and stylish environment.

Bright Self-contained Suites With Plenty of Edwardian Style on Mortimer Street

In this Edwardian building located just off of Regent Street, you'll find bright and clean serviced offices to suit any need. The units here have plenty of natural light, and remnants of this building's Edwardian style can often be found inside the suites. Here, you'll find furnished offices and meeting rooms, as well as virtual office space and unbranded office space. For commuters (or for those who love to shop) this building is in the perfect location at only two minutes' walk from Oxford Circus. Tenants here also have access to communications technologies such as broadband, cabling, and a modern telephone system, as well as telephone answering services.

For freelancers of all varieties, there are serviced offices in Marylebone to suit your needs. Whether you're after historic charm or modern simplicity, unbranded office space or a fully-furnished serviced suite, there's something for you in Marylebone.

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Dover Street is located in London and is considered one of the world's busiest streets. It is the epitome of hustle and bustle, and that's why a lot of businesses and shops are situated there. In addition, this street is also home to a number of famous art galleries, hotels and nightclubs. Some have even called it one of the most famous streets in the whole world. If you want to establish your business in a virtual or serviced office on this highly famous street, then you're in great company. Here is a quick look at a few excellent options.

Park Place, Mayfair SW1A

Park Place is a great Dover Street location that provides a host of serviced offices that you can lease in a tasteful and highly elegant property. The offices at Park Place feature numerous onsite facilities and a pleasant, very professional work environment, to boot. The Ritz Hotel is nearby, as are lots of nice restaurants and shops. There are many services that you can find here, including manned reception, administrative support, telephone answering services, CCTV, alarm security, meeting rooms, hot desking options and fully furnished offices. There is even air conditioning and 24-hour access to the whole premises, which makes it quite highly sought after.

Dover Street, Mayfair W1S

Right on Dover Street, this particular establishment is a wonderful period building that consists of six floors that have individual suites. The individual suites are constructed for just single-man offices as well as offices for small businesses that can fit seven people. There's even a nice chandeliered boardroom that can seat more than a dozen people for your meeting convenience. Amenities available include telephone systems, broadband Internet access, cabling, WiFi, elevators, onsite restaurants for your convenience, access around the clock and manned reception. In terms of sheer prestige, few places can really beat this business address located in the heart of Mayfair.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair W1J

This nice building dominates the whole eastern side of the infamous Berkeley Square, making it yet another prestigious address for your business. The tenants here can benefit from a wide variety of attractive amenities, all of which they can access around the clock because of the building's 24-hour access. Another great feature of this building is how close it is so many of the finest restaurants and shops in the area. As far as the amenities of this office location go, tenants won't have much to complain about. This address features fully furnished offices, lounge areas, meeting rooms, videoconferencing facilities, broadband access and even onsite car parking.

This has been a quick look at just some of the numerous options that tenants have at their disposal when they lease office space in the Dover Street area of London. All the buildings and locations come with great facilities and amenities in order to make life for tenants and their clients as comfortable and organized as possible. No matter which choice you go with, it will be a suitable place for your business.

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Every entrepreneur knows how important branding is to a business. But for those without a traditional office storefront, building a successful brand can seem like a daunting challenge. It may seem counterintuitive to build a new brand from serviced office, but in today's business world, serviced offices actually present many advantages over typical offices - especially in the Westminster area. Even if you're in an unbranded office space, you can use a Westminster serviced office to build your new brand. Here's how to do it:

Go for the URL, Not the Storefront

In today's online world, websites are much more important for branding than storefront locations are. Your web address says a lot about your company, so make sure you choose a company name that works well online. As more and more business moves online, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming one of the biggest success factors when it comes to branding. So don't worry about reaching out to customers or clients on the street; concentrate on reaching them online, where you'll have a much easier time making connections.

Sell the Address

Although storefront property is not important these days, your business address still is. With a serviced office in Westminster, you'll be able to get a prestigious address in a high-end London location such as Mayfair, the West End, or the City of London. This can become a major selling factor for your brand. Is your address part of a major financial district, an important historical area, or in another major industry hub? If it is, use it! With a serviced office, it's easier than ever to obtain one of these addresses.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Once you've established your brand, it's important to keep that brand consistent. Your company needs to hold the same image in person as it does online. With Westminster serviced offices, you can choose from a variety of locations and find one that fits your brand perfectly. If you're after an ultra-modern sleek and professional look, you can find a serviced office to match this look. Or, if you have a more vintage or timeless feel to your brand, you can choose a serviced office in one of many classic historical buildings in the Westminster area.

Build up Your Network

If you're looking to expand your brand, then building up your network is a great way to do so. Today, it's important to build your network both online and in person. A serviced office can serve as a great workplace from which to build your online brand, as well as a great physical location in which to meet and connect with new people. When moving into your serviced office location, you will meet lots of neighbours in both serviced and traditional offices. With the right Westminster address, you could end up working right next door to some very important people.

Despite the power of the Internet in today’s business world, physical location still matters. Serviced offices give you the best of both worlds. You can use your serviced office to meet business contacts, while you focus on reaching new customers or clients through the online world. You can also sell your physical location as part of your online brand, and use your serviced office space as a way to establish consistency across your branding efforts.

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Berkeley Square is located in the West End of London. More precisely, it is a town square in that area. It is simply not practical, especially in a high-cost area such as the City of Westminster, to rent traditional and physical office space. That's why it is imperative to look into getting serviced offices in this part of the UK. If you want to get the most out of your office, then it is extremely imperative that you know how to make the most of it. Here is how to make the most out of your serviced office space in Berkeley Square.

Dedicate It Entirely to Work

Here is a radical concept: Dedicate your serviced office space to what it is supposed to be for, even if it is in the home. Dedicating your whole serviced office to just work means getting rid of any potential distractions in that office. These distractions can run the gamut from watching TV (assuming you have a TV in the same room) and listening to music to simply having too many magazines lying about. Instead, no matter where your virtual office is situated, dedicate the area entirely to work, as if you were going to work at a "real" office. You'll get so much more done this way!

Eliminate Any Chaotic Habits

They say that habits are hard to break, but that's just why you've got to work extra-hard in order to eliminate any and all messy habits that are dogging your workplace. To do this, you should be certain to carefully analyse all of your habits and see which ones are contributing to a messy work environment. For instance, let's say that you have a habit of just letting all sorts of paperwork collect on top of your desk. In this case, you may just leave your desk disorganized at the end of the workday – making it more difficult to get an organized start to the following day. Stop these horrible work habits in order to eliminate messiness.

Don't Use Your Office for Relaxation

Working in a non-traditional environment like a serviced or virtual office means that you have temptations to relax all around you. Whereas you couldn't be seen slacking off in a "real" work environment, you have all the luxury in the world to do whatever you want in your serviced office. This can include listening to music, watching videos online or even chatting with your chums on the phone. If you do this, you will break discipline and start to associate your office with a place for play instead of the workplace it is mean to be.

These are all of different ways through which you can make the very most of your serviced office in Berkeley Square. Working in a non-traditional office environment means that you have certain advantages that you do not have when you're stuck in a regular, old office. At the same time, though, you also have some issues that you need to steer clear of, such as confusing your home workplace with recreation. Follow these tips to get the most of your serviced office.

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A serviced office, such as one located in London, is a great alternative to utilizing a traditional office space. However, many challenges remain that are also present in a traditional office location. Questions about being productive and efficient abound, as do questions surrounding time management and setting goals for the day. When all is said and done, though, there are still certain things you can do to make sure that any workday spent inside serviced offices is a productive and efficient one. Here are the five secrets to mastering working from a serviced office in London.

Listen to Music Through Headphones

This may sound contrarian, but it works because it will help you to focus on your office tasks during the time you spend working. By putting on headphones and listening to music, you get to shut out the outside noise all around you, thereby letting you concentrate more effectively. This is a great way to block out your environment and not get disturbed.

Do Not Eat Lunch There

Working from your serviced office, when done right, means you stay there for many hours a day. As such, when you eat, you want to give yourself a real break by regrouping and taking just a little bit of time out for yourself in your workday. As a result, you'll be more productive for the rest of the day if you actually your lunch somewhere else.

Know When You're Most Productive

Being honest about when exactly you are most productive is the key to getting a lot of stuff done in your serviced office. Some people are morning people: They start great early on, and then peter out during the rest of the day. Others are more productive at night because they're night owls! So know when you do the best work of the day and apply that to your setup.

Plan Your Day Accordingly

It's imperative that you spend about 30 minutes every workday planning your actual tasks for the day. Do this faithfully each and every day, and you'll eventually master what it is to work from a serviced office. Initial planning like this helps you to stay organized and set the course for your whole workday.

Give Yourself Big Jobs

Each and every day, make it a point to assign yourself big jobs that you aim to get done by the end of that working day. Do this every time, and you will be extremely productive. Of course, the key to maintaining the productivity is guarding against overkill and burnout, which is why you should take breaks between each task to give mind a rest and recharge.

These are the five secrets to mastering working from a serviced office in London. The great thing about these secrets is that they can literally apply to just about any office environment--whether that's in the UK or anywhere else on the planet. Productivity and efficiency in an office all come down to planning and organizing your day. Do that, and you'll see better results much more quickly.

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If you're an entrepreneur or self-employed professional, you should know that your growing business can benefit greatly from a proper office setup. Serving as a low-cost alternative to the traditional office building, serviced offices and virtual offices are great environments for almost any business. Here's what you stand to gain from a virtual office, and a quick look at some of Dover Street's most popular virtual offices.

A Virtual Office Gives You a Professional Business Address and Meeting Space

When you're working as a solopreneur, you need to demonstrate to clients that you can offer the same quality of service as a larger organization, and that you take your work seriously. A professional image is critical to winning and retaining clients. Even if much of your business takes place online, you still need to supply your clients with a physical address where they can mail payments and submit inquiries. A residential address may leave clients with the impression that perhaps you aren't invested enough in your business to care about a professional appearance, and coffee shop meetings get old quick. A virtual office can provide you with the business address and prestigious meeting area that you need to impress your clients.

A Virtual Office Is Good for Your Psychological Health

One of the pitfalls inherent in working from home is the constant confusion between work and leisure. It can be difficult to keep regular hours when working from home, and the isolation that comes with it can be crippling. A number of home-based professionals report that their psychological health suffers for these reasons and others. Serviced offices provide a low-cost workspace for independent professionals and an environment that feels like a traditional office. If you opt for a serviced office, you will likely share a floor with a number of different solopreneurs and small businesses, which can be great to combat the sense of isolation that often occurs when working from home and its psychological effects.

Virtual Offices and Serviced Offices on Dover Street

Dover Street is situated in Mayfair, which is a district of London. The numerous art galleries, hotels, and historical buildings on this street are characterized by Georgian architecture. The street is located in London's West End, and connects to Piccadilly in the southeast. This street is easily accessed from the Green Park Tube Station, which is just a two-minute walk away.

One particular office building on this street is a six-floor building featuring a variety of offices, varying from single-person suites to offices with room for seven. The first-floor boardroom features a chandelier and seats 18 people.

If you're a home-based entrepreneur or independent contractor looking for an office solution, there are a number of serviced offices and virtual office services in London that can provide you with meeting rooms, reception services, telephone answering services, and mail forwarding. A virtual office is a great solution for a solopreneur looking to present a professional image, and the numerous serviced offices available are perfect for small businesses that have outgrown home-based offices. For an affordable office solution, contact Serviced Offices Mayfair today.

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Whether you're a business owner or you're working on a start-up, you might be wondering about what virtual and serviced offices are and how they can help you. With the general flexibility of these types of offices and the variety of services they offer, these office solutions are ideal for start-ups. Here's how virtual and serviced offices in London can help your fledgling business.

About Virtual and Serviced Offices

If you're a new business owner, both serviced and virtual offices can be a great option for a start-up where maximizing your capital is important. While no actual office space is required for a virtual office, which consists of a single employee who works out of his or her own home, a serviced office consists of a physical office space that can be leased for a short period of time. A virtual office can exist anywhere for someone to answer calls or reply to email messages for your start-up, while a serviced office will give your company the benefit of a rental space where many of the office furniture and amenities are already included.

Looking the Professional Part

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual or serviced office for a new business is the step that it can provide to the next level of business. While a virtual office will give the impression of an office with a virtual assistant who responds to phone calls and email from their own home, a serviced office can do even more for helping your company. As a professional appearance is important to giving your clients the right impression, a serviced office that is fully furnished in a prestigious building makes you look like you're already in possession of the kind of business success you want. You also won't need to worry about maintenance, as your landlords will take care of that for you. With clients coming to visit your premises, a serviced office will give them the impression of a business that is professionally managed and on the up and up.

Using Your Capital Effectively

In any new and growing business, how you spend money can be even more important before the stability of your business is developed. Both virtual and serviced offices provide great opportunities for financial savings, and these offices can help to ensure that the money for your business goes into the business, instead of into office rentals and maintenance. A virtual office will provide you with the employee(s) you need to maintain a professional image - but you won't have to pay for the space for them to work in. Likewise, a serviced office can consist of a short-term lease that will provide you with the opportunity to move into a larger office when your company begins to experience growth, and you won't have to spend additional capital on a workspace you can't yet use.

Whether you're looking into a serviced or virtual office, both options are capable of saving you a great deal of money as a small business owner. While a virtual office can be a cheap measure for starting out, a serviced office on Hill Street in London can allow you to make the jump from start-up to success without all the funding that's generally required.

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If you are a business owner or professional who is searching for full office space in Marylebone, then you had better think twice when it comes to that fateful decision. The truth of the matter is that a virtual office is a much smarter choice. Instead of dealing with the hassle of renting out a full office space, you should think about serviced offices like a virtual office. Not only will you easily save money, but you will also discover how much more convenient and efficient it is to work out of one of these kinds of offices. Here are the four reasons why a virtual office is a lot better than renting full office space in Marylebone.

Productivity Goes Up

The great benefit of working inside of a virtual office lies in the fact that your productivity levels will skyrocket. This has to do with two things. First of all, you do not have to commute to work anymore! This frees you up to throw yourself right into work-related duties. Second of all, you are not going to be distracted by your co-workers who may want to bother you every few minutes – so you can focus on the task at hand.

It’s Good for the Environment

You also, inadvertently, get to help the environment when you work in an office of this type. After all, you do not have to go to work and take either your car or the bus, which means you won't be polluting as you once did! This counts for both ways: going to and from work, as you once did. So this is definitely another reason to work out of a non-traditional, office setup.

You Still Have a Professional Business Address

When you work out of a virtual office, you actually get to present yourself as working out of a professional office building. Many offices of this type come with a business address, so that your clients get the impression that you work at a well-known office building instead of at home or another location. Any mail that you get at the physical location will be forwarded to you at your real location.

Costs Go Down

Your costs will drastically go down if you are working out of a non-traditional office of this kind. This is simply a matter of economics. You do not actually rent physical office space, yet you still have all the benefits of a real office, either at home or at another location. When you rent out a virtual office, you do not need to pay for utilities or other services. In fact, you don’t even always need to pay rent! With a virtual office setup, you only pay for the services that you actually use. As a result, you end up being able to keep the costs of your workplace down.

Here are the four best reasons as to why a virtual office is simply a whole lot better than going out and actually renting physical office space at a location in Marylebone. Essentially, you are receiving a much better deal all around. Not only does your productivity level go up, but you are also helping out the environment at the same time. Who can say that? The best part is that your clients will still think you work in a commercial building, thanks to the professional mailing address service.

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If you're starting a business in London, you already know that there are a number of different commercial districts where you could establish headquarters. One of London's most well known districts, Chelsea is a prime location for any business. Here are just a few of the serviced offices available in Chelsea.

Glen House on Old Brompton Road: Modern Office Space in a Great Area

Located in renowned South Kensington, Glen House is a modern business center that shares a building with the Ferrari showroom. Office suites are available in a variety of sizes, and come fully furnished and unbranded. The building offers disabled access. Glen House suites are available on flexible terms, allowing tenants to increase or decrease floor space throughout the contract. Reception, IT, and catering services are provided, and the available boardrooms can host up to twenty people. Nearby amenities include pubs and restaurants. The building is easily accessed from the South Kensington Tube Station, the Gloucester Road Tube Station, or the Earls Court Tube Station.

Flexible Leases Available on Lots Road

Located on Lots Road near Pooles Lane, this contemporary office building is home to a variety of commercial spaces ranging in size from 73 square feet over one thousand square feet. Shared spaces are available on short and flexible lease terms, and prices include all service charges. This twenty-four hour accessible building is equipped with alarm security and broadband and telephone services. Virtual office services are also available. This building is close to several transit routes, including Imperial Wharf railway station and Fulham Broadway tube station. Piccadilly offers easy travel to London's Heathrow Airport. The nearby King's Road connects this location to the City of London in the northeast. Close to restaurants, creeks, and harbours, this building overlooks the River Thames and is within walking distance of the scenic Westfield Park. The building shares a neighbourhood with design studios, architects, and several bespoke furniture shops.

Harwood Road Offices: Quiet Suites in a Stylish Building

Situated in a converted factory that was once a coach and horse yard, the serviced offices available in this building feature high-speed Internet and cabling. Meeting rooms and an on-site café restaurant are available. The stylish and contemporary offices are accessed via a secure courtyard. The building is located near several amenities including banks, restaurants, and shops. Situated near Walham Green, the Eel Brook Common features lime trees and offers a unique green space. The London City Airport is just a half hour drive away and can easily be accessed via Grosvenor Road and Aspen Way. The building can also be accessed via train from the West Bromption Station or via tube from the Fulham Broadway Station.

These three buildings are just a few of the numerous serviced offices available for startups in Chelsea. Located in central London in an affluent and prestigious district, these buildings offer top-notch amenities. Whether you're looking for unbranded offices, flexible lease terms, or an alternative space with style, there's an office to suit your business needs in Chelsea.
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