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A serviced office is a great place for a startup business - serviced offices provide the tools you need to get your business off the ground, without requiring the same type of commitment or price tag that comes with a traditional office space rental. With a serviced office, you can have access to tools like reception service, meeting rooms, phone service, high-speed Internet, and more - everything your new business needs to start growing. Here are six startup ideas that would do great in a serviced office.

App Development Firms

As mobile technology booms, keeping users on a constant lookout for new and exciting apps, app development has become one of the fastest growing technology industries today. Since app technology is already mobile-based, it's easy to imagine running an app development firm from virtually anywhere in the world. However, it's also important to have a convenient location for meeting clients, and it can't hurt to have administrative tasks like reception services handled by someone else. Hence the beauty of the serviced office.

Freelancing and Consulting Companies

One of the easiest startup business ideas is to simply take what you're already good at, and turn that into a business. Whether it's freelance writing or big business financial consulting, you can sell your skills as your business. However, your home is not always the best place for this type of business. You'll want a professional location, like a serviced office, where you can hold meetings and collect business mailings. A serviced office will lend solopreneurs and freelancers a professional image.

Virtual Assistant Businesses

As the days of the personal assistant fade into the past, the days of the virtual assistant are on the rise. While virtual assistants are great at handling other people's online tasks, virtual assistant businesses could also benefit from a little help themselves. Wouldn't it be great to have someone else handle your calls while you're busy helping a client with theirs?

Photography and Digital Arts Businesses

Photographers and videographers are often out at shoots rather than in the office, but when it comes to time for editing, finding new clients, and other back-end tasks, a serviced office is the place to be. Not only do serviced offices make convenient and attractive workspaces, they can also offer additional services like printing and copying - which can be of benefit to those in the digital arts industry.

Web Development Agencies

Just like app development, web development is also on the rise these days. Web developers would benefit from the high-speed Internet access offered by serviced offices, as well from the ability to quickly occupy a new office space while their web development business gets off the ground.

These are only some of the businesses that would make a great fit for a serviced office. There are lots of startup ideas out there, and as a general rule, most startups can work better in a serviced office than in a traditional office or as home-based businesses. So get out there and give your startup business idea a shot with some help from a serviced office.

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Mayfair's extensive selection of sleek virtual and serviced offices provide you with a number of choices in one of London's best neighbourhoods for work and play. Here’s why Hill Street serviced offices could be the answer to all of your burgeoning business's needs.

Run Your Business from London's Most Prestigious Neighbourhood

Hill Street is located in the in City of Westminster in the neighbourhood of Mayfair, which is one of the city's most exclusive and expensive areas. Using office space in this area will grant your business an incomparable level of prestige. Hyde Park is directly to the east of Hill Street, with Buckingham Palace located to the south. Since it is so close to many of London's feature attractions, this is a great neighbourhood to select if you have clients who will be interested in exploring the city's sights. Savile Row, the street known for its bespoke tailoring, is located in Mayfair, as is the Wallace Collection in Hertford House, just off Manchester Square.

Upscale Restaurants and Luxury Hotels Make this a Great Spot for your Virtual Office

A wide variety of excellent hotels and restaurants will be located just steps from your door if you select Hill Street as your company's serviced office space. Excellent French food can be found at Greenhouse on Hays Mews, and if you have any clients in need of an American steak you can take them to Goodman Steakhouse on Maddox Street. Several luxury hotels are also located near Hill Street, which can be useful whether you need to recommend a hotel to a client or would like to enjoy a celebratory cocktail. For instance, Browns Hotel on Albemarle Street is only a ten-minute walk from Hill Street and offers the utmost in London-level luxury. Ten minutes in the other direction is the InterContinental, which is both a fabulous hotel and hosts Theo Randall's much-discussed new Italian restaurant.

Accessible, Unbranded Office Space Available on Farm Street

If you have a growing small business and would like to make a big impact by leasing unbranded office space in the prominent neighbourhood of Mayfair, consider Farm Street serviced offices. These clean, unbranded offices have been recently renovated and come with administrative support and manned reception services. These Farm Street offices are extremely accessible, no matter how you or your clients arrive in London. The building is equipped with on-site lifts and car parking and is located nearby the Green Park and Bond Street tube stations. Farm Street's proximity to Hill Street's many shops and restaurants make it easy to step out for a quick bite or an offsite meeting.

Stylish and Sleek Offices Available at Yarmouth Place

If you are small to medium sized business owner, consider the offices available at Yarmouth Place. Several floors are available for use at this business centre, which is accessible 24/7 and also has a cafe located in the building. Furnished lounge areas and meeting rooms make this the perfect place to hold extended meetings with clients, while the telephone answering service and manned reception will maintain your company's professional appearance even when you are not present.

As you can see, Hill Street offices are located nearby plenty of stylish boutiques, attractions, restaurants and hotels. Farm Street and Yarmouth Place are just two of the many serviced office options available in this central and esteemed area of London. A Hill Street office could offer you the great location and amenities your business needs to succeed.

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With a multitude of restaurants in London to choose from, it can be hard to know good places for an executive lunch in the Berkeley square area. As an area richly populated with serviced offices, you may want to visit the following for one of the best business lunch options on Berkeley Street.


Enjoy Renowned Japanese Food at Nobu

Created by world famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, this one Michelin star restaurant has locations all around the world and features the best of Japanese cuisine. As Matsuhisa's first European restaurant venture, Nobu opened in 1997 and is located on the first floor of the Metropolitan Hotel. Using traditional sushi techniques, Matsuhisa pairs classic Japanese food with the South American influences inspired by his travel experiences. Featuring a sushi bar and full-height windows through which one can look out onto Hyde Park and Central London, Nobu's straightforward elegance and natural stone and wood setting makes it a great place for a business lunch offering up some of London's best bites.

Pescatori Offers Innovative Italian Dishes

Located on Dover Street in Mayfair, this family run restaurant features two locations in the city and a menu that is in a state of constant flux. For a lively lunch or a casual dinner, Pescatori features seafood with an Italian flare and a menu that changes every month. You can choose from items like Puglia creamy mozzarella, hand picked Devon crab and avocado salad or fabulous sides like Brussels sprouts, pancetta and chestnuts. Refined and elegant but also welcoming and professional, Pescatori is ideal for a business lunch if you're looking for outstanding food in a relaxed environment.

Don’t Know What You Want? Try Novikov

A rarity in London, this restaurant located right on Berkeley Street is a great place to go if you can't quite decide what type of cuisine you're in the mood for. Owned by Arkady Novikov, a Russian restaurateur who runs more than 20 high-end dining establishments in the city of Moscow, this restaurant is the owner's first European venture. Featuring an Italian restaurant, an Asian restaurant and a lounge bar all in one restaurant, Novikov has options for the tastes of any palate and features professional, friendly service in an elegant, Russian-inspired setting.

Taste Mediterranean Delights at Quince

Though upscale, Quince's dishes are meant for sharing in this exuberant and sophisticated restaurant that is both contemporary and old world. Featuring silk wall coverings, leather upholstery and warm shades that lend a comforting elegance, Quince opened in 2011 and features eastern Mediterranean food that ranges from charcuterie to roasted halloumi to a lobster tail and claw salad. Whether you're looking for the unconventional business lunch where sharing is involved or you want to savour your very own dish, there are plenty of interesting and inspired items to satisfy here.

For those who work in a serviced office in the Mayfair area, there's a variety of interesting dining options around Berkeley Street. Whether you're looking for something unique or just some great food, one of these should make your afternoon.

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Have you ever taken a minute to ponder what your home-based business could look like if you ran it from another location? Sure, the standard fixed-term lease office space rental might be out of the question for a smaller business, but have you ever considered the advantages that a serviced office could offer? What about the advantages of working from a serviced office space in prestigious Chelsea, London? Here are some of the benefits that you could gain from serviced office rental in Chelsea.

What a Business Address in Chelsea Can Do For You

Since the seventeenth century, Chelsea has been at the centre of London's high culture society. An address in Chelsea today is synonymous with prestige, style, and influence. Moving your home-based business there could make a big impression on current and future clients. Even if you are currently working from a home in one of London's more elite districts, consider the advantages that a business address holds over a personal address when it comes to running your company; rather than meeting with clients in your home office, or at a local coffee shop, imagine greeting clients at the door of your Chelsea office building, then inviting them into your fully-serviced meeting room to talk business.

The Types of Services Available

Serviced offices offer a number of advantages over traditional offices. With a serviced office, you are not responsible for providing your own furniture, workspaces, Wi-Fi connection, phone service, receptionist, and so on. Your serviced office provider takes care of the details for you. And what's more, you save on overheads such as maintenance fees and buildings insurance, so you can have more money left over to re-invest into your business.

Some Properties of Note in Chelsea

There are a number of great serviced office spaces available in the Chelsea district. On Old Brompton Road, you'll find an attractive modern building which features several serviced offices that are currently home to a number of different businesses. Offices in this building come fully furnished and air conditioned, and provide staff for telephone answering, reception service, and administrative support. In addition, spaces in this building also come complete with broadband Internet, IT support, and cabling, as well as 24-hour access for all tenants. Another great option is a converted factory building on Harwood Road, just two minutes walk from Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre, which provides quiet and secluded serviced office spaces, each with their own front door access directly onto a central courtyard. Offices in this building also include a number of additional features including meeting rooms, broadband access, cabling, and a telephone system.

If your home-based business is doing well as it is now, imagine how much better it could do with the advantages afforded it by a serviced office space. A serviced office means you let someone else take care of tasks like telephone answering and reception, while you worry about doing what you do best - running your business from your beautiful new office space in Chelsea.

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Along Piccadilly Road and in the surrounding area, you'll find a number of conveniently located serviced office buildings. Piccadilly Road is one of the most popular pedestrian routes in the city, and runs all the way from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus. This is a prestigious location in London's handsome Mayfair district, and home to a number of world-renowned businesses and wealthy residents. If you're in the business of staying connected, Piccadilly is a great place to be. Here's a taste of what Piccadilly has to offer in terms of local transportation.

Piccadilly on the Underground

Piccadilly Circus is one of the busiest tube stops in London, but fortunately for serviced office clients in Piccadilly, Green Park is the main connection point in the area. This station serves the Piccadilly, Victoria, and Jubilee lines, which makes it a great connection point to south and north London, as well as to Heathrow International Airport. The Jubilee line, which stretches from Waterloo in the south to Stanmore in the north, serves as a major connection point to northwest London, including important stops such as West Hampstead, Willesden Green, and Baker Street. For commuters arriving from south London, the Victoria line stretches all the way to Brixton, and ends up at Walthamstow Central in the northeast. If your business involves international travel, then Piccadilly is the perfect place to be. The Piccadilly line is the only London Underground line which serves Heathrow Airport, and this line arrives directly at Green Park, meaning that travellers can be transported virtually straight from the airport to your door without any stops or transfers on the way. Piccadilly also crosses King's Cross St. Pancras, which is the largest station in the London Underground system. This station serves a major stop for international rail transport, as well as a connecting stop to several international airports.

Buses in the Area

For bus links, Green Park tube station is connected directly to routes 9, 14, 19, 22, 38 and C2. Route 9 will take you on a scenic route past Green Park and Hyde Park all the way to Hammersmith in the west end of the city. For travellers to north London, route 19 will take you all the way to Finsbury Park. For those headed east, route 38 ends up on Lower Clapton Road near Hackney Downs and the Clapton train station.

Piccadilly on Foot and by Bicycle

In addition to public transport in the area, Piccadilly is also a great location for pedestrians and cyclists. Being one the straightest and widest roads in the London area, Piccadilly Street is a popular thoroughfare for pedestrians. In addition, there are plenty of Barclay's Cycle Hire stations around the Piccadilly area, so commuters can pick up and drop off bikes at several locations in this area.

For local and citywide transport, Piccadilly is an ideal location. With a direct connection to Heathrow Airport, Piccadilly is also a great place to be for international connections. On top of that, there are some great serviced offices available in several beautiful buildings in the area. So don't just sit there; get on the tube, on the bus, grab your bike, or start walking, and see for yourself how well-connected Piccadilly is.

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If you're going to be working at a serviced office near Berkeley Square and you're looking for places to stay in the area, look no further. From more economical options to top of the line luxury, there's no shortage of hotels in this part of central London.

For the Businessperson on a Budget: Holiday Inn London Mayfair

For a less expensive but elegant option near Berkeley Square, the Holiday Inn London Mayfair is situated on Berkeley Street and possesses the glamour and service that you would expect in this part of the city. Close to London's best shopping streets, this hotel is also only 50 metres from the Green Park Tube station for easy and accessible transit around London. Featuring in-room Wi-Fi and comfortable guest rooms, the Holiday Inn London Mayfair also features Nightingales Bar and Restaurant, serving classic English breakfast to start off a good working day.

For the Architecture Buff: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Originally a townhouse, The Millennium Hotel is housed in an 18th century London mansion that looks out over the bustling Grosvenor Square. With the traditional luxuries and charms of an upscale hotel, The Millennium still has many of its classic features including it Georgian facade and Doric columns. Close to the Grosvenor Square gardens, the stores of Bond and Regent Streets and Kensington Gardens, the Millennium features superior guest services, top of the line facilities and the popular Italian restaurant Avista for your dining pleasure.

For the Contemporary Businessperson: The Westbury Hotel

Located in the heart of Mayfair, this hotel has been around since 1955 when the champion Polo playing Phipps family opened it. As a 5-star luxury hotel, The Westbury has expanded since its beginnings and now has 246 bedrooms that feature the finest in amenities and the upper crust service to go along with it. Beyond luxury, this hotel also features some premium food options like Alyn Williams at The Westbury for fine dining or Tsukiji Sushi for casual Japanese dining. If you're exhausted after a long working day, it's also home to the cosy but opulent Polo Bar, voted one of London's best bars in 2010.

For the History Enthusiast: The May Fair

Among the best of London's luxury hotels, the May Fair was opened by King George V in 1927 and features more than 400 of the city's finest hotel rooms. As the perfect place to enjoy the best the city has to offer, the May Fair features a spa, a casino, fresh flowers and a gym with the daily option for personal training. In addition to the May Fair Bar and the fine dining establishment Quince, featuring the best of eastern Mediterranean cuisine, this hotel is great for the business person and features a fully equipped business centre and free Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel.

If you're working in serviced offices near Berkeley Square, there is a wide range of hotel options available for your stay. Whether it's luxury you're looking for or just a place to rest, you'll be sure to find a good night's sleep before it's time to hit the office again.
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