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The Mayfair district is one of the most prestigious areas to hold an office in London, if not the whole world. For this reason, many business owners find renting office space in the area unaffordable. But as many businesses are adapting to new online and mobile work environments, a new, more cost-effective option has emerged. Virtual office spaces allow business owners to take advantage of all of the benefits of a traditional office, while avoiding many of the unnecessary costs that come with your typical renter's agreement. And, for those who are looking to remain "virtual" while seeking increased office amenities, serviced offices offer a number of useful features including meeting rooms, administrative support, storage space, security monitoring, and even on-site restaurants and coffee shops. Here are a few great options for serviced virtual offices on Berkeley Street in Mayfair.

Modern Style on Berkeley Square's East End

This modern building on the east side of Berkeley Square is one of London's most sought-after office addresses. Inside, past the stunning glass facade that leads you into the building, you'll find lounge areas, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and more. These facilities come with all of the latest business technologies, including broadband access, cabling, telephone systems, and state-of-the-art workspaces. Renters in this building also benefit from a manned reception desk and telephone answering service, and have access to the rest of the building's amenities, which include a gymnasium, on-site car parking, and an on-site coffee shop and restaurant.

A Room With a View at Berkeley Square and Bruton Place

For a serviced office space that really makes the best of its Berkeley Square location, be sure to check out this period building at the junction of Berkeley Square and Bruton Place. The rooms in this building boast stunning views of the surrounding area, which includes the square itself. This is a great place to bring international clients in order to really show them the full beauty of London's Mayfair district. This address is located only 13 minutes from Heathrow International Airport, which gives another reason why this location is ideal for businesses with clients from around the world. The facilities here include meeting rooms, videoconferencing, hot desking, unbranded office space, virtual offices, as well as a number of tech and communications features including broadband access, cabling, telephone system, and Wi-Fi. Here, you'll also have access to the building's manned reception, telephone answering services, and admin support staff.

Whether you’re looking for old-world charm or modern flair, these buildings have it all. Berkeley Square and the surrounding area are also home to some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and shopping destinations in Europe, which makes this a great place to work and play. And for a virtual office, there is perhaps no location more prestigious than London's Mayfair district. These services allow you to hold a sought-after Berkeley Square address, without all of the unnecessary expenses that come with traditional office space rental.

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Business lunches allow people to find another hour or half hour in their work day in which they can conduct business, and this kind of business is especially necessary if you are taking advantage of a virtual office space. Many pitches to possible investors or meetings with potential clients are done over business lunches in order to build a comfortable and relaxed relationship between you and your potential partners in business. The great thing about serviced offices is that they give you the opportunity to do business anywhere, and find new locations to conduct business. London's Dover Street boasts three great spots that you should look into when thinking about where to go for your next business lunch.

Alloro Restaurant (19 Dover Street)

The Alloro Restaurant on Dover Street has been open to serve Mayfair businesses and the surrounding community since the year 2000. The lunch service allows for a relaxing experience, whether you're sitting at Il Baretto, the Alloro's authentic Italian bar, or in the dining area, and you'll be given a quick and enjoyable lunch experience featuring pastas and breads that are handmade on site. The Alloro's Head Chef Daniele Camera constructs seasonal menus, so you can rest assured that the kitchen is working with the freshest local ingredients. The restaurant contains a private room that is available for business lunch functions, and can accommodate between eight and 16 people. Lunch service begins at noon during the week and ends at 2:30, though the bar is open all day for drinks and light snacks, should you choose to have a business meeting later in the day.

Pescatori Mayfair (11 Dover Street)

An Italian and seafood restaurant, the Pescatori Mayfair's menu changes monthly and features fresh fish and seafood, mixed with Italian dishes. Chalk boards in the restaurant tell you what market fresh catch of the day they're currently serving, and the wood panelling which makes up the decor creates a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Like Alloro, Pescatori Mayfair also offers a private dining setting for your next business lunch, and seats up to 18 people comfortably. Lunch begins promptly at noon and ends at 3 PM, allowing you plenty of time to mingle with potential clients or to chat over lunch with colleagues.

Aubaine (31 Dover Street)

If you're looking for French cuisine for your next business lunch, consider Aubaine Restaurant and its rustic but elegant interior design and menu selection. Aubaine is a multifaceted space in the sense that you can come in for a fine breakfast or business lunch, or use their presentation spaces for a more in-depth business meeting. In the warmer months, Aubaine also has an atrium called Le Jardin, which is an outdoor space that holds up to 30 guests and which would serve as an ideal venue for a spring or summer meeting. Aubaine is open from 7:30 AM until 10:30 at night, allowing you to come in for an early or late business lunch and possibly stay to celebrate a closed business deal over drinks.

Each of these three locations offers such a wide variety of services and eating experiences. Whether you're looking for elegant French cuisine, Italian, seafood and much more, take a walk down Dover Street today, and keep an eye out for these three excellent business lunch locations!

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Doing business in Berkeley Square, London, is more advantageous than ever because of great virtual offices and meeting locations that can serve as a brilliant, professional exterior for your company. In today's business world, you no longer need a traditional office in order to operate your business, greet your guests and clients, or make a lot of money. Virtual offices and serviced offices are popping up with increased popularity these days because they provide clients with all the benefits of a traditional office space, while allowing them to save a good deal of money as well. Here are some of the best virtual offices in Berkeley Square.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair W1J

This property is known to dominate the entire eastern side of the Square, and it provides an impressively international profile for any business looking to operate from this location. One reason for this international flavor is the great combination of blue chip neighbors and occupiers in the building and the area. Sitting in the heart of the city, this location is great for giving your business a highly respectable site from which to do business. The office facilities at this location include meeting rooms, some lounge areas, virtual offices, videoconferencing facilities and furnished accommodations. Security is also provided.

Bruton Street , Mayfair W1J

Sitting right in between the Square and Old Bond Street, this fantastic location features 4 floors and a foundation that sits on lower ground. Walking into this property, the first thing you will notice is the astounding entrance that features a monumental staircase as well as marble floors. Some of the amenities included at this site are an onsite restaurant and cafe, elevators and around the clock access so that you can get in and out of your office anytime you please. A telephone system and cabling are also available here. This office is close to the Bond Street, Oxford Circus and Green Park tube stations.

Farm Street, Mayfair W1J

Newly renovated, this property boasting great virtual offices comes with a host of modern and impressive office space. The best part is that the virtual offices here are available for lease on only the most affordable terms, making an investment in this structure a real bargain and steal. The site's original staircase is in place, feature windows abound all around, and all rooms are completely furnished. Sitting in a prestigious location in the city, Farm Street is a site that features onsite vehicle parking, air conditioning, working elevators and access 24 hours a day.

Doing business in Berkeley Square has never been easier or more convenient than it has been because of the availability of many great serviced offices in the area. Doing business from this location means increased prestige and visibility for your entire company and its operations. The Square is located right in the heart of London, assuring businesses that they will be operating from a highly sought-after location. Making a good first impression to clients and prospects is vital; this location allows businesses to do just that.

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London's Hill Street is an excellent place to open up a new office for your business. In business, it's not just having great products or services that count - it's also having a functional and attractive office location and space from which to operate that counts. A serviced office is one that is completely equipped, and is sometimes called an executive suite or even an executive space. When choosing such an office suite, you want to get your money's worth. Here are five excellent options for offices of this type.

Farm Street, Mayfair W1J

The first excellent choice is Farm Street in Mayfair. It's a space that has undergone a recent renovation and, as a result, now features a host of attractive and modern offices. All suites come fully furnished and also lease for some of the most affordable prices in the city. Not only is the original staircase still in place, but there are also great feature windows on the property.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair W1J

This Berkeley Square location isn't just a site with an international reputation and profile. It also offers businessmen a plethora of services that make it a joy out of which to work. The office facilities include things like lounge areas, meeting rooms, furnished areas and videoconferencing areas. Your reception needs are also provided for, courtesy of telephone answering as well as manned reception.

Chesterfield Street, Mayfair W1J

If a stunning serviced office is what you're after, look no further than this property on Chesterfield Street. This is a period property that oozes so much character that it makes a great office from which to run your company. It's close to restaurants, shops and even various tube stations like Bond Street and Green Park. It features cabling, broadband access, telephone systems and onsite IT support.

Yarmouth Place, Mayfair W1J

High-quality office accommodations are what you'll find at this Hill Street serviced office spot. Small and medium businesses will find themselves right at home in this setup. The amenities include an onsite restaurant and cafe, elevators, air conditioning and access all around the clock. The office space features meeting rooms, lounge areas and furnished rooms. It's close to both Heathrow and London City Airport.

Park Lane, Mayfair W1K

A period property, this location boasts yet another excellent serviced office location on Hill Street. It comes complete with wireless broadband, complete reception services and the use of meeting rooms as well as onsite parking spaces. People working here benefit from Wi-Fi access, manned reception, administrative support, furnished office spaces, hot desking services, and so much more.

These are the five most excellent choices for serviced offices on Hill Street in London. These days, you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great location and office, and the above choices make sure that you won't. All of these offices have in common a prestigious location, amazing amenities, closeness to transportation and a plethora of services businesses will appreciate.

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Boasting a beautiful, prestigious neighbourhood with huge mansions like the Clarendon House and Berkeley House, and as well-known locations like Fortnum and Mason, the Royal Academy of Arts, the RAF gentlemen's club, and Hatchards (the United Kingdom's oldest bookstore), it is no surprise that Piccadilly has attracted a steadily increasing number of businesses to the area over the years. Conveniently located in central London with easy access to transport links like the London underground, Piccadilly features a wide range of serviced offices for anything from small start-ups, to larger, more established businesses. If you're looking to set up an office, below are a few great options for serviced office spaces in Piccadilly.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair W1J

Boasting a well-established location in the heart of Mayfair, Berkeley Square is one of the most sought-after serviced office spaces. Not only is it nearby to some of Europe's grandest hotels, finest restaurants, and most famous shopping facilities, but its international profile also affords the location a prestige that will benefit your business. What's more, it is easily accessible by transport links, including Green Park Tube Station. When clients enter the building, they are greeted by a beautiful foyer and accommodating and professional reception staff, which will make an immediate good impression. Office facilities are completely furnished, with spacious lounge areas, meeting rooms, and virtual offices, as well as state-of-the-art video conferencing. With twenty-four access, an on-site cafe, on-site car park, and even a gym, this office space is impressive indeed.

Queens Street, Mayfair W1J

Situated in the heart of central London in the Mayfair area, Queens Street is a beautiful building melding period-style ceilings and modern interior design. The office space is in close proximity to both Shepherd Market and Berkeley Square, and is a short walk from a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes, and various transport links, including Green Park, Bond Street, and Hyde Park Corner tube station. The centre offers furnished, high-spec office spaces that can be let on flexible terms, and facilities include hot desking, unbranded office space, virtual offices, and even a dedicated kitchenette for your convenience. Meeting rooms and lounge areas are comfortable and spacious, and with high-spec air conditioning and great natural light, Queens Street provides serviced offices that you will want to work in. Businesses will also benefit from admin support and manned reception, twenty-four access, broadband access and cabling, on-site IT support, and Wi-Fi.

Charles Street, Mayfair W1J

Located but a stone's throw from the bustling Berkeley Square, and within walking distance of Green Park, Bond Street, and Victoria tube stations, this centre provides a quiet office space with first-class serviced office suites. The building itself is a beautiful period property, built from Bath stone in 1907 and featuring an elegant corner turret. Interior office spaces are fully equipped and furnished to the highest standards, and businesses can enjoy two executive boardrooms and high-spec meeting rooms and lounge areas. Furthermore, Charles Street offers its users dedicated kitchens and even shower rooms with complimentary linen and toiletries. Available to be let on flexible terms, the centre accommodates businesses large and small, offering office suites with anywhere from 1 to 20 desks. Other facilities include hot desking, unbranded office space, virtual offices, and video conferencing. Finally, Charles Street conveniently provides admin support and manned reception, twenty-four access, high-spec air conditioning, and broadband access and cabling.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the popular and prestigious serviced offices available in Piccadilly. Indeed, this bustling business area offers a range of centres that can suit your particular needs, whatever they may be. Whatever you end up choosing, however, one thing is for certain: a Piccadilly office space will always benefit your business.

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In any office setting, having the right amenities onsite and at your disposal is vital to ensuring things go smoothly. Having what you need on hand allows you to be more productive at work and turn in a better performance. Serviced offices offer people a wide range of great features, which is key in explaining their increasing popularity over the last several years. Great alternatives to the traditional office setup, these kinds of offices allow people to be more flexible workers who get to control their workdays and increase their productivity. Here is a look at some of the amenities included in a serviced office.

Facilities for the Office

Your office is nothing without extremely useful and highly practical facilities that contribute directly to your productivity and efficiency levels throughout the day. As such, any good serviced office will provide you with several facilities that you can't do without. You'll usually have the use of various meeting rooms and lounge areas where you can entertain your clients, guests and business partners. Some feature hot desking, and many feature completely furnished office areas. All of these facilities simply add up to an office environment that is characterized by great working conditions and higher levels of productivity.

Reception Support

You can't do everything at your office. You can't attend to your duties while manning the phones, getting your messages and looking at your email inbox. That's where the reception services and support of any good serviced office space come into play. For example, you often get manned reception, which means a professional receptionist to take your calls for you, but that's not all. The receptionist will also take your messages, forward calls and provide basic administrative support and relief that will not only bring you peace of mind, but also a good deal of order. Try running any business without appropriate reception help--it's not possible.

Amenities to Dream About

A hallmark of these types of offices is their list of amenities, which is often long and very diverse. For instance, it's not uncommon for a serviced office space to offer people spectacular communication solutions such as broadband Internet connection 24 hours a day. In addition, cabling is also provided, as are telephone systems that are in operation around the clock. Security is paramount, too, which is why many of these offices provide security around the clock, much to the peace of mind of everyone at the location. Much of the time, you have the ability to access a site 24 hours a day.

In this look at the amenities offered in serviced offices, it was apparent that they were developed with productivity and efficiency in mind at all times. Any good office location of this kind will offer features that make office life easier, more convenient and more effective. This can be seen in the presence of various lounge areas and meeting rooms. Other features include full reception support that takes the burden off office workers. Finally, great communication and security are part of the deal, too.

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Finding office space for your small business can be a daunting task. There are many things to take into consideration, such as cost, size, and whether or not the office is in a convenient location - not to mention office furniture, utilities and support staff. Finding quality serviced office space can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of running your small business. Many serviced office solutions allow you to set up and get started with little to no downtime, allowing you to start building your business right away.

Running a Small Business in Westminster

Westminster is a fantastic location for operating your small business. Located to London's southwest, this borough is home to a large number of London's most significant and historic landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Access to public transport is a breeze with a number of tube and mainline train stations located nearby. The London City Airport is also within easy reach, and if you're travelling by car, Westminster also provides easy access to a variety of major motorways. A large range of local amenities are also located close by, such as cafes, hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops. Westminster is truly a convenient and prestigious location for you to operate your small business.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a fully furnished and serviced office space that is typically offered on flexible terms. Serviced office solutions can usually be tailored to meet your business' specific requirements, including your service package and lease terms. Offices may be let for as little as a one month term, allowing you the ability to have a physical office space without the risk of being tied to a multi-year lease. Serviced offices offer a range of facilities and services, such as access to lounge areas and meeting rooms, videoconferencing facilities, administrative support, security systems, broadband access, IT support, telephone systems and 24-hour access. The amenities available will vary by location, but tend to be quite comprehensive to allow for the greatest possible convenience.

Advantages of Serviced Office Space

If you are running a small business or start-up, serviced offices are an excellent option for convenience and cost-savings. Locations with serviced offices available offer flexible space and leasing terms, allowing you to expand your business or downsize as needed with minimal risk. Most serviced office agreements offer the convenience of all-inclusive pricing with no hidden fees. An office may accommodate only one or two workstations or possibly hundreds, depending on your business' requirements. You'll have access to on-site support staff and facilities, as opposed to having to provide your own. Another clear advantage to having serviced office space is that it allows you to present a highly polished and professional image to your clients.

Although working from your home is very convenient, a serviced office allows you to separate your home life from your work life and maintain a professional image, while giving you the support you need to run your business. The Westminster area offers a wide variety of serviced office space to choose from. With its location in central London and its proximity to a wide range of attractions and amenities, Westminster is truly an ideal area in which to operate your small business.

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More and more people all across the world are working from home. If you are one of those people and you happen to live in Marylebone, then you will want to seriously consider switching to a serviced office for your own convenience and peace of mind. Serviced offices are well known to provide a host of amenities and features that you'll be hard-pressed to find at a traditional office space, and often at a fraction of the cost. So if you're working from your home in Marylebone, then here's why you will want to transition to a serviced office.

Serviced Offices Save You Some Money

In any economy, bad or good, it is always important to reduce operational costs whenever possible. A serviced office is the perfect opportunity to do all the things you could in a regular office, but for a fraction of the cost and expense. You will get to save a great deal on traditional office expenses because your overhead will be significantly lowered. For instance, you can keep your office costs down to as little as you require them by only paying for your communication and space infrastructure as you need them. In other words, you're never going to be paying for something you don't need, which is the beauty of this setup.

A Serviced Office Gives You A Great Choice of Amenities

Just because you are working out of your home doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice any of the usual office amenities you've gotten used to! On the contrary, working out of a non-traditional office of this nature allows you to have a great selection of amenities. A serviced office usually provides people with great amenities such as a broadband Internet connection, a printer, a copier, a fax machine, conference calling, the latest telephone features, videoconferencing solutions and so much more. With all of these amenities on hand, it won't even feel like you are working out of the home.

You Can Present a Professional Image to Clients

Even though you are operating out of the home, there's no way that your clients or others with whom you do business have to know about it. A serviced office can provide you with virtual office space, which is basically the address of a highly reputed location in your city, obviously at a mere fraction of the actual cost of either purchasing or renting that location. Besides providing you with a highly prestigious address, such an address can be used for more practical purposes, such as for receiving, forwarding and sending pieces of mail. Often overlooked, such a basic service can make all the difference in the world to maintaining a professional image.

These are all the reasons why you want to switch to a serviced office. If you're working out of your home in Marylebone, you don't have to settle for less. In fact, with an office setup of this type, you often get more benefits than you would if you continued working at a traditional office location. There are many options today for offices of this type, which means you'll find a good fit eventually.

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Chelsea, in addition to being a highly desirable residential neighbourhood, is also an exclusive spot for London office space. Chelsea has been home to some of London's richest and most elite citizens for centuries, and that tradition continues today, with some of the highest housing prices in the world found in the Chelsea area. Having a business address in this area allows you access to this exclusive market, and comes with the prestige of a world-famous postal code. But what if your business is looking for a more cost-effective model than traditional office rental? Serviced offices not only come at a lower price point than standard offices, they also allow the business owner a great deal more flexibility, and come with a range of built-in services that include administrative assistance, telephone answering, communications services, high-tech workspaces, and more. Here's a look at some great options for serviced office space in Chelsea.

Full-Service Office Space on Old Brompton Road

You'll find this modern-designed building on Old Brompton Road, conveniently located close to a number of transport links, which include Gloucester Road, South Kensington, and Earl's Court tube stations. Nearby, you'll find a wealth of amenities including bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and the Earl's Court Exhibition. Inside the building, you'll have access to a number of services including fully equipped meeting rooms, administrative support, reception and telephone answering services, broadband access, and IT support.

Flexible Serviced Office Space Options on Lots Road

Located just off of King's Road, and only a few blocks from the River Thames, this building holds plenty of options for your virtual office needs. Services in this building include shared workspaces and virtual offices, as well as a telephone system and high speed Internet access. While this building does not provide the same staff and administrative support that some other serviced office buildings do, it allows for more flexibility with short-term leases and fully inclusive rates. The building also has nearby parking available, and is located close to a number of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

Work in Peace and Comfort on Harwood Road

This serviced office conversion is perfect for professionals seeking a modern address for their business, just outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city. This building allows occupants to enjoy some peace and quiet, while still occupying a central space in the city. The building, which originally served as a coach and horse yard and then a factory, is now fully equipped with modern serviced office conveniences such as broadband access, a telephone system, and comfortable meeting rooms. It is also located within quick walking distance to Fulham Broadway tube station, as well as a number of amenities including banks, a shopping centre, and the Fulham Broadway Underground complex.

Whether you're seeking flexibility, seclusion, or a modern full-service office space, these buildings in Chelsea will have everything you need to take your office to the next level. You'll not only benefit from a prestigious address, you'll also be able to take advantage of the full range of services that these office spaces offer.
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