Finding quotes for offices space can be a minefield.  There are so many types of offices out there, and in so many locations, that to a novice, this task will inevitably take some time to complete.

Consider the factors in getting quotes for office space - here are just a few:

  • Which office location is best suited? If you are looking for London office space, then there is a vast difference between comparatively close areas.

  • Office types - Do you want serviced offices (sometimes referred to as swing space), managed offices, or leasehold? We can explain the different options, best suited to your requirements.

  • Office facilities offered- did you want your own enclosed unit, or somewhere with reception staff, on-site technical people, etc.

  • Price - what you get for your money varies between office grades, the space and location.

  • Contracts - do you want to be tied in for a short period, long period or not at all?  If you sign a long term lease, will you be able to manage the office space costs if your business does less trade - or perhaps you might want to move to a more desirable office space - what happens then?

Your choices when comparing office spaces

 There are many other factors which can affect your choices.  So consider:

  • How much time do you want to spend searching for your new office location? 

  • How well do you know the locality and office types available?

  • Are you sure that you will find the best solution, despite the time spent, if you are not already experienced in finding office space?

This is where we can help.  If you tell us your office requirements, you will quickly and efficiently be found suitable units within your desired location.  Cutting straight through the confusion of finding the right location at the right price, you will rapidly be given a range of choices which are suitable to your needs and appointments to see your choices made.

We take the hassle out of office space quotes, so you can concentrate on picking the right office for your future.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation quotation, or enquire online and we will come back to you within minutes, during office hours.