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With it's location East of Soho, Covent Garden is situated on the fringe of the West End, between Charing Cross Road and Kingsway, its position is useful for companies with clients both in the West End and the City.

Covent Garden offices types

Covent Garden offices range in classification between the corporate high end office facilities, through to the quirkier type, with designer features, more suited to smaller businesses who nonetheless need to retain a Central London presence.

Known as part of the 'midtown environment', Covent Garden is very popular for businesses that are seeking elegant buildings and amenities. Within the area are a range of company types who generally looking to move to Covent Garden.

Types of firms include media,  accountants and solicitors (who are generally there servicing the large local companies) and internet companies that need a convenient City presence.

We are constantly increasing our portfolio of offices that are available to clients.  See our Covent Garden page for a list of some of them, but please make an enquiry for our unique personal service and to view the complete range that suit your needs.  We deal with Leasehold, managed and serviced offices in Covent Garden and London as a whole, so that no matter what type of office space you are looking for, we will help you find a suitable location quickly.

We hope you found this article useful, and will bookmark our site, as we will be writing regularly about the areas and topics around office moves.

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of newly refurbished Serviced offices in Hanover Square, adding to our already substantial portfolio of Mayfair offices

Serviced offices Hanover Square - meeting room

As such, we are able to deal with enquiries from small firms, requiring one or more desks, through to large multi-nationals, requiring whole floors or many tens of desks for temporary or permanent requirements. With our varied office types and availability in the area, we can offer quick and efficient placement for companies' needs.

History of Hanover Square

Situated at the major junction between Regent Street and Oxford Street ,  to the south-west of Oxford Circus, Hanover Square represents one of the major squares in Mayfair. 

Although originally built and used in the 18th century as houses, occupied mainly by Tory aristocrats, the area is now largely devoted to use as offices and much of the area has been reconstructed in styles from different periods.

The area boasts many large national and international companies, including the London office of Vogue, amongst others.

To the south of the square, at the junction of Maddox Street and St. George Street lies St. George's, Hanover Square.

Office availability in Hanover Square

We have a range of office types an sizes available, and will work efficiently with you to arrange viewings at the various sites. For further information about the area and the likely suitability of offices in the area, for your company, please call, or make an enquiry online.

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With London being the first city of the UK, serviced offices in London are in demand within the area. However, London offers a diverse set of regions, offering many suitable locations, dependant upon proximity to The City centre and the quality of offices that are required.

This means that it need not break the bank to have a serviced office within London, but that serious consideration as to the required location is needed, particularly with regards to whether it has close enough transport links to the areas that are serviced by a business. For instance, if your main clientele are within the central City area, is it a requirement when dealing with them that you are within a short walk, or are less central offices just as suitable?

Factors to consider when locating in London

Here is a quick check-list of several factors which may influence your choice:

  1. Office location - Do you need to be within Central London, or will outlying areas be adequate?

  2. Office price - Is  price of the office a factor?  This may have to be balance with the first point, choosing a location closest to your primary clients, within a suitable budget.

  3. Ease of access - How easy is it to travel to and from your office. Does the office require parking?

  4. Nature of the surrounding area- Will your clients be okay travelling to your office?  If it needs to be within a better area, such as Hanover Square or Covent Garden, then this cuts defines your choices and it may be that you have to pay more to locate towards the centre of London.

  5. Serviced office facilities - Does the area you choose have the right standard of office facilities? 

There are many other factors that will influence your decision, but call us and we can offer you free, expert advice and help you to make the right choice, efficiently.  You will benefit from speaking with members of staff who have excellent local knowledge, and can make the whole process easier for you.

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Offices have been proven to help with staff moral and provide a professional environment which leads to increased productivity amongst staff. Important factors to consider usually include location, natural light within office and the floor plate.

How to assess a business centre

When an office is assessed by a commercial agent it is usually ranked in a grade – newly refurbished offices with LG lighting, raised floors in a newly refurbished building for example is known as grade A office space. The opposite to this is an office which is on the basement level in poor state of repair in second hand condition this will be most likely grade C. Location is extremely important it is therefore advisable businesses liaise with their staff or take a staff consensus before moving to ascertain the most desired locations and business centres amongst their workers.

The grade or quality of the office naturally is shown by the rent which is quoting, in order for landlord’s to decide on suitable quoting rents they are advised by their agent on quoting rents for competing buildings. In Mayfair usually rents are buoyant because demand far exceeds the supply however in Soho we are finding this trend for space between 1,000 – 4,000 sq ft.

Whenever a question arises about moving office, even if this is speculative, we advise all businesses should have an agent representing their interests ensuring they are well informed and cover the market in detail.
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