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About the Area

Holborn is a central London area as well as the name of the section's main street. The area has quite a long history that can be dated back to as early as 959 AD, when it was made mention of in King Edgar's charter of Westminster Abbey. Speculations exist that the word itself might come from Middle English's "hol" (hollow) and "bourne" (brook), which is a reference to the River Fleet because it ran all the way through an eastern valley. It occupies the London borough of Camden and sits in the ceremonial county of Greater London.

About the Area

In the 18th century, this area was home to Mother Clap's molly house, but since then, the area has come a long way and cleaned itself up. Today, you can find St. Etheldreda's Church along the gated street of Ely Place. St. Etheldreda’s is the oldest church in all of London that is devoted to Roman Catholic worship. In Holborn Circus, you can find the Church of St. Andrew, which is an old guild church. Going into the 21st century, this central London area has become quite modernized. It is home to new hotels and offices. For instance, the Pearl Assurance structure was turned into a hotel in 1999.

Places of Interest

Because this area has a strong history and still is an important part of London in the 21st century, you'll see quite a number of interesting places. If you're a history buff, you might want to check out The Royal London Fusiliers Monument, located in High Holborn and signifying the almost 22,000 Royal Fusiliers soldiers who died in World War I. Other notable places of interest include Sainsbury's headquarters at Holborn Circus, the Grange Holborn Hotel and the Gray's Inn. If you go to number 120 on High Holborn, you'll see a plaque that celebrates the invention of the Marine chronometer, which was devised by Thomas Earnshaw, a watchmaker.

Transport Links

This area is both very busy and very popular, which means that it has a well-organized network of transport links. There are quite a few tubes or trains running throughout this area, which is good news for a visitor who wants to get around quickly to see all of the relevant and attractive sights. There are three separate tube stations in the area where you can catch a train. They are Holborn Station, Chancery Lane Station and City Thameslink Station. Public transit is very smooth and efficient throughout the entire area.

Holborn is in a very bustling part of London: its centre. The area itself has been settled since at least 959, which accounts for its rich and diverse history. In today's modern world, the central area of London is both an important site for many English businesses and tourists. It has a good mix of historically important sites and places of interest and more modern amenities, such as nice hotels. If you come to London, you'll definitely want to check out this vital section of it.

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