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About the Area

Hanover Square can be found in London's Mayfair area. It sits just southwest of the Oxford Circus intersection, which is so called due to its busy nature. Oxford Circus is also the main junction where Regent Street and Oxford Street join each other. There are many different streets that converge onto Hanover Square. In no particular order, they are Dering Street, Brook Street, Princes Street and Harewood Place. The roots of development in this square go back to the early 18th century. Back in 1713, it began to be developed by Richard Lumley, who was the 1st Earl of Scarborough, as a highly fashionable residential address.

A good amount of the earliest residents of this square was fierce backers of the Hanoverian Succession of the year 1714. Hence, the name of this square! The Hanoverian Succession was an act of England's parliament that was passed in 1710. Much of the loyalty of early Hanover Square was definitively Whig. Many of the earliest residents of the square were military people, such as Generals Sir Charles Wills, Earl Cadogan, Evans and Stewart. Today, some of the earliest 18th-century houses still stand intact, though much of the square has undergone construction, throughout a variety of different periods.

Places Of Interest

In the present day and age, a lot of the early military influence has now given way to more modern office buildings. Examples of well-known brands that have their offices in the square include Vogue Magazine's London office; the UK headquarters of Odgers Berndtson, a head-hunting firm; the UK head offices of Expect Solutions, a data and telecom consultancy; and the worldwide headquarters of Stephen Smart and Company, which is a real estate consultancy. Good restaurants in the area include Napket at 6 Brook Street, Carluccio's at Fenwick, New Bond Street, and Pret A Manger at 1 Tenterden Street.

Transport Links

There is a lot of choice when it comes to transportation in this part of London. The Underground stations are located very close to Hanover Square, so that they're incredibly easy to reach. The Bond Street Tube Station sits just a short 4 minutes away, which is easily reached by foot; the Oxford Circus Tube Station is just a quick 3 minutes away from this square. The railway stations are a little bit further away from the square than the Underground stations. To reach both the Charing Cross Railway Stations and the Marylebone Railway Station, you'll have to walk for about 19 minutes to get to either of them.

Hanover Square sits in a bustling and lively part of London, which is why it's home to a lot of good restaurants and modern office buildings belonging to major companies from around the globe. Historically, the square has a rich past and was developed by military people, who were also some of its first residents. Luckily, the transportation links in the area are second to none, and they provide businesspeople with efficiency and convenience.

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