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About the Area

Situated in Mayfair in the district of Westminster, Brook Street is one of the main streets in the Grosvenor Estate. Originally developed in the early 1700s, the street runs from Grosvenor Square in the west to Hanover Square in the east. After Grosvenor Square, the street continues to the west as Upper Brook Street, where it reaches the A4202. Brook Street primarily consists of individually designed townhouses. This street originally housed a mix of upper and middle class people, and as a result, the architectural style of the buildings can vary greatly. The townhouses closer to Grosvenor Square are rather ornate, having been designed by renowned architects for higher-class occupants.

Places Of Interest

Despite the fact that it is mainly residential, Brook Street has a rich history and is home to a number of places of interest. Food lovers will want to try Le Gavroche, a restaurant that serves traditional French dishes with a modern flair. Le Gavroche was the first restaurant in all the United Kingdom to be given three Michelin stars (a rare designation offered by The Michelin Guide that indicates "exceptional cuisine worth a special journey".)

There are a number of important historical and political landmarks in the area, which makes Brook Street an inspiring locale. The United States Embassy can be found at the corner of Upper Brook Street and Grosvenor Square. The Argentinian Embassy is located at Number 65 Brook Street. The area's history will appeal particularly to musicians. The Handel House Museum, which celebrates baroque-era composer George Frideric Handel, is at 25 Brook Street - the musician's former home and the location where he composed his most well known pieces. The first and second floors have been renovated to resemble what the house would have looked like during Handel's life. 23 Brook Street, former home of rock legend Jimi Hendrix, serves as the office for the Handel House Museum. 74 Brook Street is the former home of physician Sir William Withey Gull, the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. 51 Upper Brook Street is the former home of George Seferis, who was Greek ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1962. Seferis was also a talented poet, and he was the first Greek poet to ever receive a Nobel Prize when he was declared Nobel Poet Laureate in 1963.

Brook Street is also home to several shops, including 140-year-old perfume store Penhaligons, and Halcyon Days, which specializes in antiques and collectibles.

Transport Links

Brook Street is located in close proximity to several major transit stations. Two Underground stations, Bond Street Tube station and Oxford Circus Tube station, are within a five-minute walk. To get to the Bond Street Tube station, take Davies Street from Brook to Oxford Street. The Oxford Circus station is at the corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street, to the northeast. For motorists, the Grosvenor Hill Car Park and Welbeck Street Car Park offer convenient parking. The Marylebone Railway Station is within a 20-minute walk of Brook Street. To reach Marylebone Railway Station, take Oxford Street west to Portman Street and follow it to Dorset Square. The Marylebone Station is two blocks to the southwest. Several Boris Bike stations are in the area, the two closest being Grosvenor Square and the Millennium Hotel.

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