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History of Mayfair | Origin of Mayfair as a name

Being a relatively recent development; only being developed in the early 18th century from being previously fields and farm land, the Mayfair we now know is rich in interesting history.

Mayfair takes its name from the fortnight long May Fair, Fare, or Fayre (spellings vary) that took place there every year from 1686 on what is now Shepherd Market, until it was banned in 1764, due to demands from some of the more influential families in the area.

Mayfair's development mostly took place on the land beginning to just a few families, such as the Grosvenors, the Berkeleys and the Burlingtons, but we doubt that those families, astute as they were, could ever have conceived that the Mayfair of today would contain some of the most expensive properties in the world.

Mayfair today

Mayfair is in the West End of London of course, is London's most exclusive district and in many ways a truly amazing place to live, work and visit. Mayfair W1 is set roughly between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, and is at the very heart of London and is the most expensive property both for private dwellings and business alike.

It is a microcosm - there is life here from all over the world, and with it's beautiful squares and parks, it also remains a peaceful haven in the centre of the eternal hustle and bustle of our great city of London.

Just think, if you had an office in this, the most prestigious address on the planet, what that could be worth to your business? What words spring to mind when you hear someone say, "Mayfair"? Prestige, exclusivity, class, Olde Worlde, gentlemen's clubs, to mention just a few, but those very words may incorporate exactly the picture that your future clients are putting together when they start looking for a company.

That being the case, would they find your company?

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