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Environmental awareness and strategies for offices

Good environmental practices can be an advantage for companies offering London jobs. We have professionals who are able to offer a range of environmental services which include:

1) BREEAM Assessments for both commercial and residential buildings

What is it?
The BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and widest used environmental assessment for buildings

What does it achieve?
This uses a scoring system, supported by evidence, and has a rigorous quality assurance and certification method. Both in design and maintenance of buildings, the method helps give assurance that the best environmental practices are being incorporated into a building. The system is based on a range of responsibilities of the landlords for buildings. These include:

  • Ensuring buildings are better insulated
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Installing various systems that prevent waste - for example water regulation equipment
  • Providing bicycle racks
  • Green technologies such as solar panels
  • Automatic lighting systems

These help reduce running costs and provide a better living and working environment and opportunities for minimising environmental impact

They also helps to demonstrate a organisation's movement towards better environmental practices.

2) Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) were introduced to help improve energy efficiency of buildings. Using accredited energy assessors an EPC and an associated report can be produced by our experts on your behalf.

This will suggest improvements to make buildings more energy efficient.

3) Energy Strategy.

Helping you to find, the best supplier for your energy requirements, we are also able to offer you suppliers of gas and electricity who are greener in their production of fuels and therefore fit your environmental strategy, if this is an important consideration for you.

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